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Compiled by Susan Hawes, PhD for the Clinical Psychology Department, Antioch University New England.

I created this site initially to provide my graduate students access to information on qualitative research that they could access easily and at no cost. I have organized it thematically, beginning with this page on “megasites,” which are pages that for the most part cover the topic broadly, like this site. The other organizing themes are: bibliographies, creating manuscripts, associations and institutions, journals publishing qualitative research, methodology (and methods), other social science links, and software for qualitative analyses.


  • The Qualitative Research Clearinghouse: Resources for Methods, Analysis, and the Future
    This site at Central Michigan University is a recent discovery for me. The coverage for teaching is excellent. Its pages include: Types of Qualitative Methods, Lists of References, Articles, Links to Web Resources, Funding Sources, Analysis and N7 Manual, and Teaching Resources.
  • Wikipedia on Qualiative Research Methods
    As ever, a work in progress. Nonetheless, the site is well worth exploring, particularly the (variably productive) links to methodologies, methods, and theory.
  • Electronic Resources for Information on Research Methods and Qualitative Research Methods
    A great deal of information is provided at both of these sites. Explore!
  • Qualitative Research
    Martin Ryder maintains this useful page. It provides “links to resources that explain the art of qualitative educational research: critiques, literature reviews, research design methodologies and other articles. The resource is intended as an aid to educational practitioners as informed consumers of published research and as active contributors to the body of knowledge that informs emerging practices involving information and learning technologies (ILT). By no means an exhaustive index, this resource offers a glimpse into the range of qualitative research models and methodologies that can be found in contexts of ILT.” Ryder also seems to favor critical and transformative positions. My students should appreciate his page of links to definitions of philosophical terms.
  • Social Sciences Virtual Library
    This document keeps track of online information as part of The World-Wide Web Virtual Library. Sites are inspected and evaluated for their adequacy as information sources before they are linked from here.
  • Qualitative Research Resources on the Internet
    Compiled by Ron Chenail at the site of The Qualitative Report (an online journal of qualitative research), this list is dedicated to providing researchers, clinicians, teachers, and students with on-line access to a collection of qualitative research sites and materials available through the World Wide Web. Papers, dissertations, and syllabi are just some of the useful materials that can be found in the Resources section.
  • Qualitative Research in Information Systems
    This site aims to provide qualitative researchers in IS – and those wanting to know how to do qualitative research – with useful information on the conduct, evaluation and publication of qualitative research. Even if you are not an IS researcher, the information provided is excellent, so check it out and browse.
  • Resources for Program Evaluation and Social Research Methods
    Gene Shackman maintains this site. He wrote: “The focus is on “how-to” do evaluation research and the methods used: surveys, focus groups, sampling, interviews, and other methods. Most of these links are to resources that can be read over the web. A few, like the GAO books, are for books that can be sent away for, for free (if you live in the US), as well as read over the web.” Honestly, I wish I had known about this site this fall when I was introducing our graduate students to evaluation research. This site is overflowing with valuable resources!
  • QualPage
    This site has many resources about qualitative research and is regularly updated. I like to think of QualPage as a dynamic artifact of a knowledge-building community. Creator, Judy Norris (now retired) wrote: “Through the miracle of the Internet we are enjoying unprecedented access to each other’s scholarship and expertise.” The site is now maintained by Juidith Preissle.
  • Intute: Education and Research Methods
    Is “brought to you by a national team of subject specialists from universities across the UK. We find and review the very best web resources to help you with your studies and research.” Their page on qualitative methodologies has much rich information for anyone interested in the topic.
  • Qualitative Research Resources by Don Ratcliff
    This page includes notes for a five part seminar on Qualitative Research: Part 1-Introduction; Part 2-Sampling and Selection; Part 3-Researcher Roles; Part 4-Data Collection; and Part 5-Data Analysis. It also includes a Complete Text of Book Video and Audio Media in Qualitative Research, and the interesting, Qualitative Research Resources.
  • The Qualitative Methods Workbook
    “E-text” prepared for the college course, Qualitative Research Methods (PSY 405) at Shippensburg University. While the contents are copyrighted, they may be downloaded and hardcopied for educational and personal uses without permission, as long as the source is noted.
  • Electronic Resources for Information on Research Methods and on Qualitative Research Methods
  • A great deal of information is provided at these sites. Explore!
  • Qualidata: ESDS Economic & Social Data Service
    ESDS Qualidata is a specialist service of the ESDS that provides access and support for a range of social science qualitative datasets, promoting and facilitating increased and more effective use of data in research, learning and teaching.