Our Graduates

Employment Profile of Graduates

Our PsyD graduates are employed in a variety of settings from independent (group) practices, to community mental health agencies to hospitals. Most work full-time. Most graduates identify their primary identity as Practitioner; secondary identities are those of Consultant, Supervisor, Academician, Administrator, and Researcher, in order of frequency. The majority of our graduates are APA members and are licensed in one or more states.

Consistent with Antioch University New England’s emphasis on multiple roles and a social vision of clinical psychology, our graduates participate in a variety of professional activities and are serving increasingly diverse populations including children and families, the elderly, LGBTQ individuals and their families, ethnic minorities, rural populations, and the physically disabled. The active clinical roles of our graduates are complemented increasingly with leadership roles in mental health delivery systems and participation in regional and national professional meetings and associations. Many graduates are presenters at conferences, seminars, and classes, and some have published in refereed journals. A large percentage of graduates engage in formal postdoctoral training, continuing their commitment to lifelong learning. A few return to teach at Antioch University New England.