Dissertations by Clinical Psychology (PsyD) Students

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A new horizon: The mourning of anorexia
Sara D. McLaughlin (2007)

Knitting and stress reduction
Heike Utsch (2007)

Ceci n'est pas une these
Tara J. Palmatier (2004)

A self-report measure of adolescent attachment
Kristine Paulus Wojnovich (2001)

Dose-effect in inpatient treatment
Lisa Ann Garrone (2001)

Burnout in crisis team clinicians
Katherine E. Herzog (1997)

In their own time
Elizabeth Ceona Moulton (1997)

The corruptibility of the CAST*MR
Phillip J. Sanguedolce (1997)

Falling from grace in the organization
Johnel D. Bushell (1988)