Dissertations by AUNE PhD and PsyD Students

Beginning this past year, dissertations were submitted electronically and the full text is available online. Previously submitted dissertation are not available in full text at this time.

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A new horizon: The mourning of anorexia
Sara D. McLaughlin (2007)

Knitting and stress reduction
Heike Utsch (2007)

Ceci n'est pas une these
Tara J. Palmatier (2004)

A self-report measure of adolescent attachment
Kristine Paulus Wojnovich (2001)

Dose-effect in inpatient treatment
Lisa Ann Garrone (2001)

Burnout in crisis team clinicians
Katherine E. Herzog (1997)

In their own time
Elizabeth Ceona Moulton (1997)

The corruptibility of the CAST*MR
Phillip J. Sanguedolce (1997)

Falling from grace in the organization
Johnel D. Bushell (1988)