Clinical Psychology Faculty and Staff

Our superb faculty is a very strong and positive element of our program. Three categories of faculty, rather than the more conventional two, staff the Doctoral Program: Core Faculty, Affiliate Faculty, and Adjunct Faculty. Their roles and brief biographies appear near the end of this catalogue.

Core Faculty administer the program, serve in the Doctoral Management Group, chair the dissertation committees, and provide advisement for the third and fourth year students. Most members of the Core Faculty teach a section of Doctoral Research Seminar and/or Case Conference plus one other course most semesters.

Affiliate Faculty teach a Professional Seminar and, within that context, monitor the practicum training of their six to eight students, a process which also involves visits to practicum training sites. A number of Affiliate Faculty also teach at least one content course some time during the year.

Adjunct Faculty are contracted to teach particular courses in their areas of expertise.

The following is an index of faculty and staff of the Department of Clinical Psychology at Antioch University New England. For more information, email addresses, and phone extensions, click on the name of a faculty/staff member.

Core Faculty

Name Primary Job Title Email Phone
Blount, F. Alexander Professor 603-283-2194
Borden, Kathi Professor
Child and Family Consultant 603-283-2191
Ellenhorn, Theodore Professor 603-283-2184
Fauth, James Associate Professor and Co-Director of CROPP 603-283-2181
Hawes, Susan Professor and Director of Accountability Research
Director of Assessment Training and Contracts 603-283-2192
Mangione, Lorraine Professor and Director of Practica 603-283-2176
Peterson, Roger Professor and Distinguished Senior Scholar 603-283-2178
Roysircar-Sodowsky, Gargi Professor and Director of the Multicultural Center 603-283-2186
Straus, Martha Professor 603-283-2187
Tremblay, George Department Chair and Professor, and BHI Co-Director 603-283-2190

Affiliate Faculty

Name Primary Job Title Email Phone
Arbeitman, David Affiliate Faculty 603-283-2182
Belcher-Timme, Barbara Affiliate Faculty 603-283-2182
Eagan, E. Porter Affiliate Faculty 603-283-2182
Hammer, Dean Affiliate Faculty 603-283-2182
Pasquale, Gina Affiliate Faculty 603-283-2182
Pignatiello, Vincent Affiliate Faculty 603-283-2182


Name Primary Job Title Email Phone
Allyn, Elizabeth Database Specialist 603-283-2182
Nordstrom, Anne Evaluation Coordinator, Center for Behavioral Health Innovation
Peterson, Catherine Administrative Director 603-283-2183
Richard, Nancy Administrative Assistant and AUNE Book Store Account Coordinator 603-283-2177

Adjunct Faculty

Name Primary Job Title Email Phone
Austin, Theodore Adjunct Faculty 603-283-2182
Baldwin, Peter Adjunct Faculty 603-283-2182
Barnes, Gary Adjunct Faculty 603-283-2182
Blair, Greg Adjunct Faculty 603-283-2182
Halikias, William Adjunct Faculty 603-283-2182
Hamolsky, David Adjunct Faculty 603-283-2182
Hitchings, Amanda Adjunct Faculty 603-283-2182
Hodges, Karin Adjunct Faculty 603-283-2182
Junno, David Adjunct Faculty 603-283-2182
Leppanen, Margaret (Lee) Adjunct Faculty 603-283-2182
Lexington, Jennifer Adjunct Faculty 603-283-2182
Lindsley, Gila Adjunct Faculty 603-283-2182
McLean, Jennifer Adjunct Faculty
McMahon, Kathy Adjunct Faculty 603-283-2182
Pilling, Meg Adjunct Faculty 603-283-2182