Cool Monadnock Challenges and Solutions

CHALLENGE: Getting the information to community members

a. Connect with schools:
Involve students with inventory process. They can then have a presentation to town or school board on results

Presentation at school with students to public. Contact Clean Air Cool Planet for help in connecting with school/teacher.

b. Connect with Social Groups (Rotary, VFW, Lions)

Utilize these Powerpoint presentations to tailor to the organization:

Creating and Implementing Solutions to Climate Change

c. Connect with educated non-believers: emphasize the benefits of action regardless of their belief in global warming: health, economics, green jobs.

Get help at Meet the Scientists meeting. TBA for April.

d. Connect with general community members:

Start a book club at local library with non-fiction environmental books with some of the books focused on climate change. Here is a list of recommended books to add to the list.

Sell CFL bulbs at cost