Program Goals

The CGC is committed to fostering access and interest in healthy food and environment by:

  • Increasing access to healthy, affordable foods and thereby increase community food security
  • CGC Goals

  • Contributing to the City of Keene’s goals for addressing climate change by increasing food security
  • Building community members’ capacity to grow and cook healthy, affordable food and benefit community members’ physical and psychological health through gardening
  • Creating opportunities for AUNE students and faculty to engage in service-learning and applied research projects related to agriculture and sustainability that support community-identified priorities
  • Fostering a stronger sense of community through the creation of green, communal spaces

In the first 18 month phase of this program, our efforts have conservatively reached 250 community members; involved 8 community non-profits and social service agency partners; engaged 25 graduate and undergraduate students; established 6 raised-bed gardens (four 12 x 4 ft. beds per site) throughout the Keene, NH area; and developed research and evaluation protocols to track programmatic impact. In the coming years we will continue in these efforts and implement new projects to further our mission.