Current Garden Sites

Now in our third year, CGC is fortunate to have established gardens and partnerships at 9 different locations around Keene. New collaborations in 2013 include Monadnock Peer Support Agency, ACCESS (comprised of beds at RISE: for children and family and Benjamin Franklin School) Thanks to all of the organizations and community members interested in and developing delicious gardens throughout Keene!

The following is a brief description of each project site and the partner’s involved. Please contact us if you have questions about how to get involved.

Harper Acres

Harper Acres, a Keene Housing Authority apartment complex, has a lovely natural location along the Ashuelot River and next to the bike path in Ashuelot River Park. The residents and staff were delighted to be selected by Antioch University New England (AUNE) for the first round of their community garden project. Although there had once been a garden at Harper Acres, there hasn’t been one in recent years. In 2011, CGC worked with residents of Harper Acres to build 7 raised bed gardens. Last year, the gardeners were able to expand to a total of 10 raised beds which are used in a variety of ways. Some are for individuals to care for and use and some are community beds for residents to share. The participation at the Harper Acres gardens has really increased as more and more residents become a part of the project. There are flowers and some beautiful landscape projects underway in addition to the bountiful vegetable gardens!

Keene Recreation Center in partnership with Early Sprouts

The Keene Recreation Center is a community facility in the North Central neighborhood of Keene. The gardens will be used as an integral component of the Keene Recreation Center’s two after-school programs. The Center’s programs currently serve approximately 120 elementary age children. The Keene Parks and Recreation Center also serves as a training center for other after-school programs in New Hampshire making it an ideal location to serve as a prototype for garden-based initiatives at other area after-school programs. In 2011, 6 raised bed gardens were built, 4 of which are planted, cared for, and harvested largely by the kids in the after-school program. The vegetables of the Early Sprouts curriculum are cooked by the students for snacks as part of the after school programming at the Rec. Center.

Monadnock Area Peer Support Agency

In  2012 the CGC started a partnership with Monadnock Area Peer Support Agency. MPS has six beds at their facility and an active group of avid gardeners. They meet every week  during gardening season to make collective decisions and are always learning a new skill to apply. The produce is shared between the gardeners and some is used in weekly community meals at the MPS office!

The Woodward Home

The Woodward Home is located on Court Street in downtown Keene and 6 garden beds were built here in 2012. The Woodward chef assisted in seed selection, ensuring that the fresh produce will be incorporated directly into meals. The garden is located in a courtyard behind the building, which not only provides fresh produce and herbs for the chef to use in meals, but also serves as a community gathering place. The location provides convenient access for residents to enjoy the outdoors, the peace of the garden, the company of friends, and the full sensory experience of participating in gardening. Stop by the Woodward to join in the fun!

Keene Family YMCA and Monadnock Family Services Kids In-Shape Program

Another garden site established in 2012 is at the Keene Family YMCA. CGC helped to build 6 garden beds for Monadnock Family Services, the YMCA child care center, and the YMCA membership and young adult programs to share. The YMCA Child Care center has partnered with Early Sprouts to receive training on how to incorporate the gardens into their after school programs. MFS is also using the gardens as part of their programming and several members have already helped with the project to date. The produce will be shared between gardeners and the gardens are providing an opportunity for members of the Kids In-Shape program to get outside and to eat some healthy produce from the gardens. Finally, the YMCA membership and young adult programs are using two of the garden beds here. Through the collaboration of these different groups there are a lot of kids who will have their hands in the soil at the YMCA in the coming years!

Keene Housing Authority Building Bridges Clubhouse Program

The Building Bridges program is an after-school program for residents of the Keene Housing Authority neighborhood on Harmony Lane in Keene. The program director and the kids came up with the idea of creating a pizza garden that will provide snacks for everyone! They are also incorporating elements of the Early Sprouts gardening program in additional garden beds. Children of the aftercare Clubhouse have helped plan the garden, plant seedlings, fill the beds with soil, weed, harvest, and cook! The garden has become a part of their everyday curriculum. Fresh food from the gardens that aren’t used for snacks will be distributed to children to take home to their families.

Keene Senior Center

The Keene Senior Center on Court Street in Keene has had gardens in place for years, but with CGC’s help, the Senior Center now boasts raised terrace gardens that provide easier access for seniors to garden. There is some excellent garden knowledge at the Senior Center which will undoubtedly help in the successful implementation of the garden produce. Some of the food grown will be used directly at the Senior Center and some will be donated to The Community Kitchen. The Senior Center is also working to establish partnerships with area schools to foster intergenerational collaborations!

ACCESS (Associates in Career, Community and Educational Support Services) The Benjamin Franklin School and RISE: For Children and Family

In 2013 ACCESS, an organization that helps people with disabilities create meaningful lives through education, community employment and community partnered with the CGC to established 6 garden beds at two different locations in Keene. Four beds are located at the Benjamin Franklin Middle School, where students and teachers garden during physical education, at recess and use the gardens as an educational tool.  An additional two beds are at RISE, an early childhood center. The children take a walk in the gardens every morning and you can often finding them popping fresh snacks directly into their mouths.  Teenagers from ACCESS assisted in building the gardens and volunteer to maintain them throughout the year. We are delighted to have ACCESS, Benjamin Franklin and RISE as part of the CGC family.

Prospect Place

Joining the CGC in 2013, Prospect Place is an assisted-living, family style center for Senior Citizens located on Court Street in Keene.  They have six garden beds in the front yard. The food is used for community meals and the residents can be found having green bean cutting parties on a regular basis. Residents love taking a stroll in the gardening and harvesting fresh food regularly. A fabulous addition to the CGC!

The John H. Fuller Elementary School and Project KEEP

John H. Fuller Elementary School and Project KEEP joined the CGC roster in the 2015 season. Fuller Elementary and Project KEEP believe education should develop the whole child, fostering growth of young minds and strength of young bodies through diverse opportunities. Project KEEP utilizes project-based learning in it’s curriculum that serves 20-25 students after school daily during the school year. Six beds built at the school are maintained collaboratively by participants and staff of Project KEEP and teachers and students from Fuller School.

Monadnock Developmental Services

Monadnock Developmental Services (MDS) joined CGC in the 2015 season. MDS is committed to supporting individuals with developmental and related disabilities to living as independently as possible in their communities. CGC and MDS staff and volunteers gathered in the Spring of 2016 to rebuild the five, wheel chair accessible, MDS garden beds. They are now flourishing withing cucumbers, tomatoes, kale, and more.