Current Scholarships Available

Grants and Scholarships are only available to current Antioch University students

Tropical Seed and Student Raised Grants – Deadline March 25, 2016
NOTE:  Please be sure to read the application instructions before you apply.

The Center for Tropical Ecology and Conservation (CTEC) in the Department of Environmental Studies at Antioch University New England is pleased to announce the call for proposals for our two grant funds, the Tropical Seed Grant Fund (TSGF) and the Student Raised Grant (SRG).  AUNE graduate students who are members of CTEC and are conducting research or projects pertaining to ecology, education, sustainable development, natural resource management or conservation in the tropics or tropical developing countries should apply.  The Tropical Seed Grant Fund is meant to support the ‘seed’ of a tropical conservation project – a fund to help students get their research off the ground, thanks to an endowment generously donated by an ES alumna and her family.  The Student Raised Grant is supported by our organic, fair trade coffee, tea and chocolate sales, and was initiated several years ago by two CTEC student members in the ES Department, Troy Hansel and Jeff Brown.

Past Recipients of CTEC Scholarships

Sarah Stoner-Duncan ; Seed Scholarship
Sea Turtle Conservation and Education in Parque Hawaii, Guatemala

Phillip Howard ; SRSF
A Natural history and spatial analysis of Grenada cacao: Long term preservation and conservation of quality cacao.

Christine Gleason ; SRSF
Conservation knowledge and attitudes of whale watching tourists in Samana, Dominican Republic

Tharicsse Ukizintambara ; SRSF
Travel to Conservation Biology (SCB) annual meeting in Chattanooga,Tennessee, USA. To present a paper titled “Forest edge effects on the physiognomy of microhabitats in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park (BINP) and on the behavioral ecology of L’Hoest’s monkeys.”

Rachel Kathryn Zapf McShane ; SRSF
Travel to Conservation Biology (SCB) annual meeting in Chattanooga,Tennessee, USA
“Protected Areas: Farmers and crop-raiding around Cyamundongo Forest, Rwanda.

Jill Rolph ; SRSF
Travel to the Annual International Sea Turtle Biology and Conservation Symposium in Mexico to present a poster titled “Sea Turtles and the Tropics: Leveraging the New England Connection through Bi-directional Education and Communication, Loreto, Mexico.”

McArd Joseph Mlotha ; SRSF
Spatial analysis of fire regimes and their effects on biodiversity within national parks of Rwanda, using remote sensing & GIS applications: A case study of Nyungwe National Park.

Jason Estes ; Seed Scholarship
A Least-Cost Path Analysis of the Lower Kinabatangan Landscape, Sabah, Malaysia: Identifying Landscape Permeability and Probable Elephant Movement Pathways for Borneo Pygmy Elephants (Elephas maximus borneensis)

Tamarra H. Martz ; Seed Scholarship
Gastrointestinal Parasite Loading in Six Species of Primates at Nyungwe National Park, Rwanda: A comparison of arboreal and terrestrial species and degree of human interaction

Christine Armiger ; Seed Scholarship
Evaluating ecosystem services in small-holder agroforestry systems in the Toledo District of Belize

Gabrielle Shuster ; SRSF
The sociopolitics of bushmeat hunting In Dja Biosphere Reserve, Cameroon: A research study

Jeff Brown ; SRSF
Conservation of the Western Black Crested Gibbon, Nomascus concolor, through ecotourism development in the Nam Ha National Protected Area, Loa PDR

Tharcisse Ukizintambara ; Seed Scholarship
Edge effects on ranging and foraging behavior of L’hoest’s Monkey (Cercopithecus lhoesti) in Bwindi Impenetrable National Pard, Uganda

Jessica Mathon ; SRSF
Conservation of elephants in the Akagera National Park, Rwanda: Human-elephant conflict

Krista Muller ; Seed Scholarship
Behavioral responses of tucuxi dolphins (Sotalia guianensis) to the presence of boats in the Cananéia Estuary, Brazil

Lauri Brewster ; Seed Scholarship
The role of White-faced capuchin monkeys (Cebus capuchins) in processes of seed dispersal in a fragmented Costa Rican landscape

Shawn Margles ; Seed Scholarship
Buffer zones and participatory land use planning: Using SWOT-AHP analysis in the case of the Nyungwe National Park buffer zone, Rwanda