Student Support

Student SupportCTEC assists Antioch University New England graduate students in finding Practicum and Internship opportunities as well as supporting funds relevant to tropical ecology and conservation. These opportunities can be found on our website and the Antioch FirstClass server. We also provide support with monthly student meetings during the fall and spring semesters which enable doctoral and masters students to discuss their tropical ecology and conservation research with faculty in an informal setting. Finally, CTEC supports international graduate students who wish to conduct studies through Antioch University New England.

The Antioch FirstClass server also hosts postings of job opportunities related to tropical ecology and conservation; this can be accessed by Antioch students in the CTEC folder.

The Center is currently working to raise funds for students through grants from foundations, solicitations from the New England community, and special events so that we may offer financial support to students studying tropical ecology and conservation at Antioch University New England. These funds will provide fellowships, research scholarships, internships and travel funds for current and prospective Antioch University New Englandscuba graduate students studying tropical ecology and conservation. We are especially interested in obtaining support for students from tropical countries who wish to pursue a graduate degree at Antioch University New England.

A major goal of CTEC is to assist professionals and students of tropical countries, for it is these professionals who will ultimately be in management and policy positions in their home countries, leading the effort to conserve tropical biodiversity.