Samson Werikhe, MS student

Samson Werikhe, PhD studentPhD candidate
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Research Interests

My research interests are in exploration and design of better conservation strategies for mountain gorillas, among other endangered species. Involvement of young people in decision making based on their knowledge and experience is vital in my conceptualization process. My previous research on gorillas in Uganda’s Virungas greatly improved the conservation and management of these endangered apes in the area. I envisage yet another significant contribution towards gorilla conservation via active youth engagement.

Brief Bio

Academically, I have a BS degree in Zoology focusing Wildlife Biology and Management, an MS in Ecology and Conservation, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Wildlife Management with additional grounding in Public Relations, Biosphere Reserves Management, and GIS. Professionally, I have experience in protected area management, communication for biodiversity conservation, research and monitoring, environmental impact assessments, community conservation, environmental education and communication, conservation and management of endangered species (mountain gorillas), university lecturing, and consulting. My most recent assignment was with the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, where among others, I developed a gorgeous management plan for control of the mile-a-minute invasive species in Blue Hills Reservation.