Julie Tilden

Julie Tilden, MSEmail Julie

Research Interests

Birds are usually what draw me to amazing places. I love to travel, explore and learn as much as I can about the environment around me. I am particularly passionate about raptor behavior and migration and hope to continue working and making a difference in the field of conservation.


Antioch University New England (2004;2006)
MS student

University of Maine at Orono (1996;1999)
BS in Wildlife Ecology with a concentration in International Conservation Biology

Keene State College (1994;1996)

Research Experience

Raptor Biologist, NH Audubon Society; Pack Monadnock Raptor Observatory (September;November 2006)
Counted 13 species of raptors on their southbound migration; Educated the general public/school groups about migration; Submitted daily data to hawk count database; Contributed to several newspapers and local publications

Field Biologist, Migratory Raptor Conservation Project; Kekoldi Indigenous Reserve, Costa Rica (August;December 2005)
Collected thesis research and independent study data; Monitored migration of 17 species: approximately three million total for season; Trained and managed international field crew on hawk I.D.; Aided with data management, web-site design and report writing; Wrote grants, provided photos for website

Supervisor Goshawk OHV Study, Humboldt University, Plumas National Forest, CA (February;August 2004)
Studied the effects of off highway vehicles on goshawk population; Conducted dawn chorus surveys to determine occupancy and courtship; Recorded behavioral data while running treatment and control experiments with ATV and snowmobile; Banded and tracked fledglings with telemetry to study dispersal/disturbance level to OHVs; Managed field crew and developed experiment protocol

Hawk Watch Interpretive Naturalist, NJ Audubon Society, Cape May Bird Observatory, Cape May, NJ (September;October 2003)
Provided public with hawk identification and natural history interpretation during fall migration; Conducted weekly hawk identification workshops with public; Assisted with hawk count, number tallying and website updates; Helped guides with CMBO birding trips

Bald Eagle Biologist, The Institute for Wildlife Studies, Santa Catalina Island, CA (February;July 2003)
Aided in reestablishment of Catalina Island Bald Eagle population by monitoring 5 eagle nests through nesting season; Conducted daily behavioral observations with video equipment; Transferred eggs and chicks from captive breeding facilities to nest sites; Assisted with banding and bloodwork; Rehabilitated and monitored clinic and education birds; Tracked fledgling movement with telemetry; Interpreted behavior and telemetry data

Spotted Owl Surveyor, Geo Marine/ Viva Environmental Inc, Gila National Forest, NM (April 2001;August 2002)
Conducted night and predawn surveys to detect owls and nests; Trained staff on study protocol and orienteering; Recorded behavioral data with video equipment to determine effect of military jet over flights; Installed video cameras on owl nests; Set up sound and video monitoring stations; Utilized Arc-View to manage data

Hawk Migration Counter, ANAI Organization, Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica (September;December 2001)
Conducted daily counts of 15 hawk species migrating through Costa Rica; Tallied approximately three million hawks as part of five-person team; Worked with indigenous tribe to establish eco-tourism base; Assisted volunteers, school groups and visitors with hawk identification; Translated paperwork and managed migration data

Other Avian Experiences

  • Field Crew Leader
    Goshawk OHV Study, U.S. Forest Service, Plumas National Forest, CA
    (February;August 2004)
  • Interpretive Naturalist at Hawkwatch
    NJ Audubon, Cape May Bird Observatory, Cape May, NJ
    (September;October 2003)
  • Bald Eagle Biologist
    Institute for Wildlife Studies, Catalina Island, CA
    (January;August 2003)
  • Spotted Owl Surveyor
    Geo Marine Inc., Gila National Forest, NH
    (March;August 2002)
  • Canada Lynx Tracker
    University of Maine, Clayton Lake, ME
    (December 2001;February 2002)
  • Hawkwatcher
    ANAI Kekoldi Indigenous Reserve, Costa Rica
    (September;November 2001)
  • Spotted Owl Surveyor
    Viva Environmental Inc., Gila National Forest, NM
  • Canada Lynx Tracker
    U.S. Forest Service, MT/WY
    (JanuaryMarch 2001)
  • Hawkwatcher and Patroller of Sanctuary
    Eagle Valley Nature Preserve, WI
    (August;November 2000)
  • Bald Eagle Field Biologist
    Nestwatch Program, Game and Fish Dept, AZ
    (March;July 2000)

Skills and Capabilities

  • Trained in handling, banding birds and mammals
  • Certified in Wilderness First Aid and CPR
  • Certified in tree-climbing, snowmobile-, ATV- and chainsaw-use
  • Experienced in radio-telemetry, orienteering and winter tracking