Julie Tilden

Julie Tilden, MSEmail Julie

Research Interests

Birds are usually what draw me to amazing places. I love to travel, explore and learn as much as I can about the environment around me. I am particularly passionate about raptor behavior and migration and hope to continue working and making a difference in the field of conservation.


Antioch University New England (2004–2006)
MS student

University of Maine at Orono (1996–1999)
BS in Wildlife Ecology with a concentration in International Conservation Biology

Keene State College (1994–1996)

Research Experience

Raptor Biologist, NH Audubon Society; Pack Monadnock Raptor Observatory (September–November 2006)
Counted 13 species of raptors on their southbound migration; Educated the general public/school groups about migration; Submitted daily data to hawk count database; Contributed to several newspapers and local publications

Field Biologist, Migratory Raptor Conservation Project; Kekoldi Indigenous Reserve, Costa Rica (August–December 2005)
Collected thesis research and independent study data; Monitored migration of 17 species: approximately three million total for season; Trained and managed international field crew on hawk I.D.; Aided with data management, web-site design and report writing; Wrote grants, provided photos for website

Supervisor Goshawk OHV Study, Humboldt University, Plumas National Forest, CA (February–August 2004)
Studied the effects of off highway vehicles on goshawk population; Conducted dawn chorus surveys to determine occupancy and courtship; Recorded behavioral data while running treatment and control experiments with ATV and snowmobile; Banded and tracked fledglings with telemetry to study dispersal/disturbance level to OHVs; Managed field crew and developed experiment protocol

Hawk Watch Interpretive Naturalist, NJ Audubon Society, Cape May Bird Observatory, Cape May, NJ (September–October 2003)
Provided public with hawk identification and natural history interpretation during fall migration; Conducted weekly hawk identification workshops with public; Assisted with hawk count, number tallying and website updates; Helped guides with CMBO birding trips

Bald Eagle Biologist, The Institute for Wildlife Studies, Santa Catalina Island, CA (February–July 2003)
Aided in reestablishment of Catalina Island Bald Eagle population by monitoring 5 eagle nests through nesting season; Conducted daily behavioral observations with video equipment; Transferred eggs and chicks from captive breeding facilities to nest sites; Assisted with banding and bloodwork; Rehabilitated and monitored clinic and education birds; Tracked fledgling movement with telemetry; Interpreted behavior and telemetry data

Spotted Owl Surveyor, Geo Marine/ Viva Environmental Inc, Gila National Forest, NM (April 2001–August 2002)
Conducted night and predawn surveys to detect owls and nests; Trained staff on study protocol and orienteering; Recorded behavioral data with video equipment to determine effect of military jet over flights; Installed video cameras on owl nests; Set up sound and video monitoring stations; Utilized Arc-View to manage data

Hawk Migration Counter, ANAI Organization, Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica (September–December 2001)
Conducted daily counts of 15 hawk species migrating through Costa Rica; Tallied approximately three million hawks as part of five-person team; Worked with indigenous tribe to establish eco-tourism base; Assisted volunteers, school groups and visitors with hawk identification; Translated paperwork and managed migration data

Other Avian Experiences

  • Field Crew Leader
    Goshawk OHV Study, U.S. Forest Service, Plumas National Forest, CA
    (February–August 2004)
  • Interpretive Naturalist at Hawkwatch
    NJ Audubon, Cape May Bird Observatory, Cape May, NJ
    (September–October 2003)
  • Bald Eagle Biologist
    Institute for Wildlife Studies, Catalina Island, CA
    (January–August 2003)
  • Spotted Owl Surveyor
    Geo Marine Inc., Gila National Forest, NH
    (March–August 2002)
  • Canada Lynx Tracker
    University of Maine, Clayton Lake, ME
    (December 2001–February 2002)
  • Hawkwatcher
    ANAI Kekoldi Indigenous Reserve, Costa Rica
    (September–November 2001)
  • Spotted Owl Surveyor
    Viva Environmental Inc., Gila National Forest, NM
  • Canada Lynx Tracker
    U.S. Forest Service, MT/WY
    (January—March 2001)
  • Hawkwatcher and Patroller of Sanctuary
    Eagle Valley Nature Preserve, WI
    (August–November 2000)
  • Bald Eagle Field Biologist
    Nestwatch Program, Game and Fish Dept, AZ
    (March–July 2000)

Skills and Capabilities

  • Trained in handling, banding birds and mammals
  • Certified in Wilderness First Aid and CPR
  • Certified in tree-climbing, snowmobile-, ATV- and chainsaw-use
  • Experienced in radio-telemetry, orienteering and winter tracking