Rick Newman, MS student

Rick Newman, M.S.Email Rick


PhD in progress
Antioch University New England

MS Conservation Biology
Antioch University New England

Bachelors Degree
University of Arizona

Employment and Experience

Field Research Assistant
20042005, Winter, EPIC (Environmental Protection in the Caribbean), St. Martin/St. Maarten

Field Coordinator
20022003, Caribbean Islands National Wildlife Refuge Complex, Bird banding project with US Fish and Wildlife Service on sites in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands

Module evaluator
2002, Conservation biology training modules, for the Center for Biodiversity and Conservation (CBC) at the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH).

Teaching Assistant
2002, Conservation Biology, Antioch University New England

Assistant Director of Natural Science Department
19952001, The Nantucket Maria Mitchell Association, MA, work in conjunction with diverse staff to administrate a natural science program, including, a natural science museum and research program, aquarium, and adult and child education programs (curate/manage collections, facilitate use of collections by students, visiting scientists/researchers, and the public, lecture, teach classes, train and supervise staff and volunteers, prepare museum exhibits and programs, assist with fundraising, work in conjunction with local schools, museums and conservation organizations as well as state and federal agencies, give interpretive naturalist walks, prepare press releases, and begun database/website access)

19911992, The Nantucket Maria Mitchell Association

Research Assistant
1992, 19952002, MAPS Bird banding program, Nantucket MA

Federally licensed Master Bird Bander
2001present, Permit #23119

20002001, Nantucket MA, Massachusetts Audubon Society, Conducted a study of the Eastern Towhee breading/nesting success and behavior, in open Scrub Oak habitat (Nest-searching, territory mapping, GPS), GIS Analysis

2001 & 2003, Ecological burn crew, The Partnership for Harrier Habitat, Nantucket MA

1997, 19992001, Reintroduction of the American Burring Beetle, Nantucket MA, (assist in the release, and survey of captivity raised endangered species) in conjunction with Roger Williams Zoo, Audubon Society, MA State Game and Fish

1992, 19951997, 20002001, Nantucket Marine Mammal Conservation Foundation, and stranding team

Research Assistant
1999, mid Julymid Aug. Assisted in DNA collection for a Study of Viking Ancestry of Iceland in Southern and Eastern Norway

1998, Summer, Caxuna, Para Brazil, Frugivorous Bird use of Acaiecological assessment of differential removal of Acai fruit from “natural” habitat (Frugivorous Birds, other birds, Mammals, Aquatic invertebrates/vertebrates, Fruiting abundance and seed germination)

Research Assistant
1998, Spring, American Museum of Natural History, Southwest Research Station, Portal, Arizona (Assist primary researchers with ongoing projects, including, Dispersal of striped plateau lizards (Sceloporus virgatus), thermal impact on hibernation of horned lizards (radio tagging), Ecology of Mexican Jays, cooperative nesting in Bridled Titmice, Mountain Spiny Lizard (Sceloporus), also assisted in the operation of the field station, and prepared a study skin for the Museum Collection)

1997, Millbrook School Forest Canopy Walkway (Mist netting, in forest Canopy from 80ft. walkway of Neotropical migrant birds, in Millbrook, NY, also assisted in a workshop in conjunction with “the roots and shoots” program of the Jane Goodall Institute, and supervised and instructed high school students in the operation of the research station, filmed for conservation exhibit at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.)

1996, National Park Service, AZ

1995, Ecological Tour, Amazon Brazil (assisted in educating a group of primarily high school students in Amazon Rainforest ecology along the Rio Negro and Amazon rivers in Brazilian Amazonia)

1995, Jane Goodall Institute, (Assisted in the compilation and utilization of a data base for the “Chimpanzoo” project, and training in assessment of chimpanzee behavior)

1994, Summer, Smithsonian Institution, Archeobiology Laboratory, DC (Identification and Reconstruction of ethnographic artifacts, fragmentary bone analysis, of North American Faunal remains found in the zooarchaeological record)

Other Skills

Computer Skills

Apple/Mac and PC/Windows


ArcView GIS, JMP, PCORD, Specify, Access, Biota, Writenow, WordPerfect, Word, Microsoft Works, Excel, Power Point, Quicken, AOL, Netscape, Internet Explorer

Prescribed Burn Training

Attended prescribed burn workshop, 2000


Advanced Open Water Certification (PADI), participated in Rescue Diver Training

Bird Banding

Hummingbird Banding Workshop at the Southern Arizona Bird Observatory 2000 and Puerto Rico 2003

Disaster Planning

Attended Disaster Planning Seminar for Museums and Libraries, 1999

Language Skill

Communicative in Spanish