Krista Muller, Conservation Biology

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Research Interests

From early childhood, I found myself in awe of the marine environment and its inhabitants. Over the past ten years, I have had many wonderful opportunities which have enabled me to expand my knowledge about marine mammals. I have also been fortunate enough to share my knowledge and enthusiasm about these creatures with others through teaching in the classroom and in the field.

In July of 2006, I will begin my thesis research with the support of Dr. Marcos Santos (Projeto Atlantis) in the Cananéia Estuary of southeastern Brazil. The purpose of my study is to collect tucuxi dolphin (Sotalia guianensis) behavioral data and to determine whether or not the presence of dolphin and watching boats cause a significant difference in their behavioral responses. The main goal of this study is to provide Projeto Atlantis with accurate behavioral data that will help them develop effective management guidelines and regulations for the dolphin-watching industry in the estuary.


Antioch University New England
MS, May 2006
Conservation Biology

Roger Williams University
Bachelor of Arts, May 1998

Professional Experience

Buttonwood Park Zoo (2002;2004)
New Bedford, MA
Conservation Education Specialist
Delivered educational programs supporting the zoo’s commitment to wildlife and habitat conservation.

Whale Camp (2001)
Grand Manan Island, NB
Environmental Science Instructor
Planned and facilitated daily science educational programs including cetacean anatomy, physiology and behavior, Right Whale photo identification and Harbor porpoise necropsy and rescue.

The Marine Science Consortium (1998;1999)
Wallops Island, VA
Coastal Ecology Instructor
Responsible for instructing students on the components of coastal ecology.

Dolphin Behavior Instructor
Taught students about Bottlenose dolphin evolution, anatomy, physiology, communication, echolocation, social/family structure, feeding behavior and migration.

Internship and Volunteer Experience

Whale Center of New England (2005)
Gloucester, MA
Fall Intern
Collected behavioral data on North Atlantic cetacean species including humpback, fin, minke and North Atlantic right whales.

Aquarium for Wildlife Conservation (1995;1996)
Brooklyn, NY
Assistant to Trainer at Sea Cliffs
Responsible for the daily feeding and behavioral training of pacific walruses, harbor seals, fur seals and sea otters.

Pace Environmental Center (1994)
Pleasantville, NY
Assistant to Naturalist
Prepared daily meals for birds of prey, domesticated animals and reptiles.

Professional Affiliations/Certifications and Awards

  • Antioch University New England Seed Scholarship Award (2006)
  • Member of Whale Center of New England (2005;2006)
  • Member of the Society of Marine Mammalogy (2005;2006)
  • North Atlantic Right Whale Consortium attendee (2005)
  • WCS Marine Mammal Training Workshop Certification (2003)
  • OSHA safety training by Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research, Inc. Certification (2003)
  • AZA Professional Training Program in Conservation Education Certification (2003)
  • Project WILD, WET and PLT Facilitator (2003)
  • Project WILD and Project WILD Aquatic Certification (2003)
  • Museum Institute for Teaching Science Workshop Series Certification (2003)
  • Member of AZA, AAZK, WCS and the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund (2000;present)
  • AZA Regional Conference Attendee (2002, 2004)
  • Cape Cod Stranding Network Volunteer (2002;present)