McArd Joseph Mlotha, PhD candidate

McArd Joseph MlothaEmail McArd
Managing Director
The Center For Tropical Ecology and Conservation

Research Interests

I am an innovative and motivated GIS Analyst, specializing in GIS and Remote sensing applications, with emphasis in Environmental Planning, Land use and Land cover change analysis, environmental and natural resource management linked to socio-economic analysis. My research interests include land use history, advanced GIS and remote sensing applications, environmental information systems, Land use and Land cover change analysis and natural resources management planning.


2005 to date, Doctoral Program, Environmental Studies Department
Antioch University New England
Keene, New Hampshire, USA

2002;2004, Master of Arts in Geographic Information Sciences for Development and Environment (GISDE)
Thesis: Mapping forest cover conversion and fragmentation in Malawi, 19732000
Clark University
Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

1993;1995, Diploma Certificate in Surveying and Cartogrammetry
Final Paper: “Surveying and cartography course project: Surveying technologies in
forest management”
Natural Resources College (NRC)
Lilongwe, Malawi

1990;1992, Certificate in Forestry
Malawi College of Forestry and Wildlife (MCF & W)
Dedza, Malawi

Professional Experience

Jan 2007;Present
Senior GIS Specialist
Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing Research and Training Centre (CGIS) of the National University of Rwanda (NUR)

  • Interim Head of Environmental unit at the CGIS-NUR
  • Curriculum development, training, and research using GIS and Remote Sensing (RS) tools
  • Implementation of the Environmental unitl activities in GIS/RS and liaising with partner institutions
  • Conducting interfaculty training and education programs, GIS/RS applications for development and environment
  • Supervising thesis projects ny NUR students

Jan 2006;Jan 2007
Program Manager, CTEC
Antioch University New England
Keene, NH

  • Coordinate CTEC activities in the areas of Education, Research, information, student support, fund raising programs
  • Budget control and database management
  • Routine management and administration of CTEC

Aug 2005;present
GIS and Research Assistant
Antioch University New England
Keene, NH

  • GIS Lab management
  • Providing technical Support to students and faculty in GIS and remote sensing
  • Developing and coordinating grant writing for expansion of GIS and remote sensing activities

Sept 2002;Dec 2003
Software Tester and Technical Support Staff
Clark Labs
Worcester, MA

  • Testing and evaluating software modules and algorithm prior to release (Quality Control)
  • Assisting in research and application of the geographic analysis and image processing IDRISI software
  • Providing technical support to registered users of IDRISI and Cartalinx via email and telephone
  • Compiling bug reports

May;June 2003
GIS Intern
Ecotarium (Environmental Education Center)
Worcester, MA

  • Analyzed surface run-off and pond siltation
  • Created Digital Elevation Model and surface runoff map

Assistant Staff Surveyor & GIS Technician
Forestry Department

  • Desk Officer (Forestry EIS a component of Environmental Management-World Bank Project
  • Visiting lecturer in remote sensing and surveying at Malawi College of Forestry and Wildlife
  • GIS and Mapping Specialist for Sustainable Forestry management Project (SFMP) funded by DIDC of Finland
  • Technical Manager for NOAA Satellite receiver station built by Bradford University Remote Sensing (BURS), installed at the Department of Forestry by Natural Research Institute (NRI) UK with the support from DFID.
  • Member of Malawi Environmental Monitoring Programme (MEMP) team using GIS and Social Analysis.
  • Village Forest Area (VFA) management planning, forest inventory Project management, Planning, Budgeting using Logical Framework and Report writing, Rural community mobilization for sustainable management of natural resources, Procurement and Stores management for EMP Project
  • Supervising Survey Teams based at Regional Forestry Offices, North, Center and South. Carried out Land cover change analyses in collaboration with Clark Labs (IDRISI Project) for middle Shire river catchments
  • Spatial database Development for forestry plantations
  • Socio-economic surveys and Transect walks for environmental problem investigation
  • Conducted Community participatory mapping for natural resource management
  • Locating sites for forestry nurseries and proposed borehole drilling by using GPS
  • GIS Lab and Survey Office management

Forestry Assistant (Planning Unit)

  • Forestry management at Mulanje Central Government Plantations (MCGP)
  • Protection and Production Forest Management, and organizing community participatory in forest and natural resource management
  • Social forestry and Community mobilization for forestry and natural resource management
  • Forest Reserve encroachment assessment
  • Digitizing Maps
  • Aerial Photograph Interpretation using Mirror stereoscope to map out forest land

Survey Assistant
Regional Forestry Office (South)

  • Forest reserve surveying and encroachment assessment using combined approach of participatory and technical methods
  • Use of GPS to delineate proposed land excision in Forest reserves
  • Purchasing and Stores management
  • Record Keeping, Filing and mail management

Cartographic Assistant
Land Resources and Conservation Department

  • Managing Map and Aerial Photo Library
  • Aerial Photo Interpretation for land resource mapping and crop suitability
  • Tracing and producing maps
  • Purchasing and Stores management

Technical Skills

  • GIS software: Arc/Info, ArcGIS 8.3, ArcView 3.3, ERDAS Imagine 8.5, MapInfo 6.0, Cartalinx
  • Remote Sensing and image analysis: NOAA Operating Manager 4.1, IDRISI Kilimanjaro
  • GPS: Trimble Explorer GPS System and Garmin GPS
  • GIS Hardware: Digitizing tablet, Scanners and Plotters
  • Database management: MS Access, dBase IV, Tallenus, FoxPro, Digitizing in Cartalinx, ArcEdit
  • Architectural and Cartographic Draughtsmanship and Plan printing
  • Statistics: SPSS, FragStats, MS Excel
  • MS Office (Word, Excel, Access, Power Point,), MS Front page, MS Publisher, MS Project
  • Modeling using RAISON, AGNPS, IDRISI
  • Forest Planning and management using MMForest developed at Joensuu University, Finland
  • Windows Operating System: Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows NT
  • Spreadsheet: MS Excel, Lotus 123 Release 5
  • Word Processing: MS Word, Corel WordPerfect, Word Perfect 5.1
  • Web Page: MS FrontPage

Fellowships and Scholarships

  • Clark University ($11,200) Tuition remission for MA(GISDE) program
  • United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA), Austria ($1,600) 28th International Symposium Remote Sensing For Environment (ISRSE), Cape Town 2000 symposium
  • Jonathan Daniels Fellowship, Antioch NE, Keene, NH
    ($10,000), 2005;2006

Paper Presentations at International Conferences

  • Cape Town 2000
    28th International Symposium Remote Sensing For Environment (ISRSE)
    3rd AARSE, Lord Charles Hotel
    Somerset West, Cape Town, Republic of South Africa
    “Remote sensing and GIS linked to socio-analysis for land cover change assessment in Neno Extension Planning Area (EPA), Mwanza district, Malawi, March 2000”
  • UNIGIS Workshop 2000
    Port Elizabeth Technikon Conference Centre
    Port Elizabeth, Republic of South Africa
    Remote sensing and GIS linked to socio-analysis for land cover change assessment in Neno Extension Planning Area (EPA), Mwanza district, Malawi, March 2000
  • Malawi Institute of Management (MIM)
    Lilongwe, Malawi
    Second SADC-FSTCU Information Exchange Workshop, “Participatory land use mapping and land cover change analysis for the sustainable management of indigenous forests project area in Mwanza north east, November 1999.”

Seminar & Poster Presentation

  • Clark University, Department of Geography/IDCE
    “Land Allocation for Mulanje Mountain Bauxite Mining in Malawi Incorporating Factor Sensitivity Analysis, May 2003
  • Clark University, Department of Geography/IDCE
    “Analysis of Worcester Area Watershed,” December 2002
  • Clark University, Department of Geography/IDCE
    “Land use Change Analysis in Grafton Town Central Massachusetts, USA”, December 2002
  • Clark University, Department of Geography/IDCE
    “Land use/Land cover change modeling for Malawi with special focus on deforestation (Research project proposal), November 2002

Certified Short Courses

  • April 2002
    Geographic Information Management Systems (GIMS) ESRI Southern Africa, Training in Image Processing with ERDAS Imagine8.5
  • March 5;16, 2001
    SADC/GEF Lake Malawi Biodiversity Project, Senga Bay, Salima, Malawi: Certificate Agricultural Non-Point Source Model & RAISON For Windows By Consultants From Environment Canada And University Of Waterloo, Canada
  • March 2000
    United Nations University, Institute of Water Environment And Hydrology, (UNU/INWEH) University of Waterloo, Canada, Institute Of Hydrology And Environment (IHE) Delft, Netherlands, Wl/Delft Hydraulics, Netherlands At Lake Malawi/Lake Nyasa Fisheries Biodiversity Research Senga-Bay, Salima, Malawi: Certificate In Preliminary Hydrodynamic And Quality Modeling For Lake Malawi/ Lake Nyasa.
  • November;December 2000
    Malawi College Of Forestry, Dedza, Malawi : Forestry management Planning Data management using MapInfo and MMForest by Forest Planning Management Specialist from University of Joensuu, Finland, Professor Timo Pukkala and Hekki Parika
  • May 1998
    FTP International, SADC-FSTCU, Lilongwe, Malawi: Internet page making
  • March 1998
    Epison & Omega, Lilongwe – Malawi: Certificate in Introduction to MS Access’97
  • February 1997
    Data Processing Skills Center, Lilongwe, Malawi: Certificate in Introduction to Microcomputers and MS-DOS
  • September 1996;June 1997
    Clark Labs (IDRISI Project) of Clark University (USA) at Bunda College, Lilongwe, Malawi, Elementary, Intermediate AND Advanced Certificate in fundamentals of Image Processing and Geographical Information Systems

Consultancies and Research Work

  • July 1999;May 2000
    GIS National Expert in integrating Malaria surveillance data and GIS methodology to improve Malaria prevention and Control in Malawi. This included GIS Tutorial service for GIS Users under Community Health services Unit, Malaria Control Programme.
  • Oct;Dec 1998
    Participatory Land Use mapping and Land Use change assessment for 1974 and 1995 for sponsored by GTZ
  • 1997;2000
    Member of Environmental Information Systems (EIS) task force for situation analysis of environmental changes in Shire river catchment, Malawi, such as (a) Soil erosion (b) Deforestation (c) River siltation (d) Land covers changes
  • August 1997
    Digitizing for Malawi Customary Land Utilization study (CLUS) under sub-contract by BDPA, funded by DFID UK, Lilongwe, Malawi

Associations and Volunteer Work

  • Associate member of Malawi Association Of Surveying Technicians (MAST)
  • Member of Malawi Red Cross
  • CPR and First Aid Certified by American Red Cross
  • Coordinator Chiwawo Hill Wildlife Club, Dedza, Malawi (1990;1992)

Papers and Publications

  • Mlotha M.J., 2000. Remote Sensing and GIS linked to socio-analysis for land cover change assessment – Neno EPA, Mwanza District, Malawi (Peer Reviewed paper and Poster: 28th International Symposium Remote Sensing For Environment (Cape Town 2000), 3rd All Africa Remote Sensing for Environment (AARSE), Lord Charles Hotel, Somerset West, Cape Town, Republic of South Africa, (2000).
  • Mlotha M.J., J.D. Ngalande, and P.S. Jambo, 1999. Participatory land use mapping and land cover change analysis for the sustainable management of indigenous forests (SMIF) project area in Mwanza North East, Forestry Department, Malawi.
  • Snel M., N. Haan, R. Eastman, K. Burger, P. Jambo, J. Mlotha, S. Chilombe, J. Mzembe, J. Nakutepa, M. Chawinga, V.A.L. Mkandawire, P.E. Mbiriyawaka-Munthali, J.G. Munthali and H. Gausi, 1998. Preliminary Report on the Middle Shire Investigation. Malawi Environmental Monitoring Programme (MEMP), Department of Environmental Affairs, Malawi.