Shawn W. Margles, MS

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Research Interests

My undergraduate training was in studio art. My work was conceptually based and generally dealt with aesthetic representations of scientific inquiries, which
I conducted simultaneously in chemistry and geology laboratories. My senior thesis was an installation that explored ways to express sensorial configurations of time and space. Today, my academic pursuits are driven by similar interests.

My work at Antioch has focused on interactions between ecosystem conservation and people, especially in developing regions of the tropics. My thesis will address aspects of edge effects and their influences on wildlife and human behavior. In March 2005 I will be relocating to Rwanda to conduct my field research at Nyungwe National Park, part of the Albertine Rift System.

Relevant Professional Experience

Symposium and Education Coordinator
Conservation without Borders: The Impact of Conservation on Human Communities, 2004. The Center for Tropical Ecology and Conservation

Conservation Biology Module Evaluator
American Museum of Natural History Network for Conservation Educators and Practitioners, 2004

Assistant for Art and Athletic Programs
Upward Bound, 1999

Artist’s Assistant
GLCA  New York City, 1999


Primary Language

Secondary Languages
Conversational Spanish and Brazilian-Portuguese

Cross-Cultural Experience

Galapagos to the Andes, Field Studies Course
Napo Wildlife Center in Amazonian Ecuador and Galapagos, Summer 2004

Tropical Ecology and Conservation Biology, Field Studies Course
Costa Rica, Spring 2004

AFS Summer Homestay Program
Brazil, Summer 1996 and Winter 1997

Study Abroad Program
Spain, Spring 1996

Personal Accomplishments and Interests Include


Completing over 2,000 miles of self-contained bicycling mostly in Oregon, California, Nevada, Utah, and Colorado, 2000;2001

Program Development and Capacity Building

Significant contributions to the stable development of a Women’s Ultimate Frisbee Program at Oberlin College in Oberlin, Ohio and Women’s Ultimate Frisbee in the Midwest Region, 1997;2000

Outdoor Interests

Camping, hiking, bicycling, rock climbing, and playing soccer and Ultimate Frisbee

Other Interests

Furthering the advancement of Red Sox Nation