Lauren Miller, MS

Lauren Miller, MS studentMS Candidate
Conservation Biology

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Antioch University New England
MS in Conservation Biology, 08

Boston University
Bachelor’s degree in Biology with specialization in Marine Science in 1998. Semester at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. Two weeks studying marine mammals in Dominica, West Indies. Senior research project on grey squirrel foraging preferences.

Dighton-Rehoboth Regional High School
Graduated with honors in 1994

Research Experience

Grassland Technician, Mass Audubon, Allens Pond Wildlife Sanctuary  summer 2005 & 2006
Conducted bird, butterfly and vegetative monitoring in restored grassland. Conducted breeding bird surveys in salt marsh and heathland habitats. Assisted with developing shrub land monitoring program. Also assisted coastal waterbird interns.

Teaching AssistantSoil Ecology, Antioch University New England  spring 2006
Helped set up laboratory equipment. Helped students analyze and present data from their field research projects.

Field Volunteer, Talamanca Raptor Research Station, Costa Rica  January 2006
Helped local Costa Rican research group establish mist netting program in the Kelkoldi Indigenous Reserve. Taught researchers how to remove birds from nets and design netting routes.

Endangered Species Program Supervisor (2 seasons)
Supervised team of Piping Plover stewards on Robert Moses State Park in Long Island, New York. Conducted surveys for rare and threatened coastal plants. Compiled final report and management plans for parks with nesting shorebirds.

Lead lectures and nature walks to school, private and general public groups. Assist with data for bird checklists. Help to develop interpretive signs for different state parks. Assisted with operations at the trout fish hatchery.

Field Assistant (fall migration 2001 and 2002)
Helped operate fall migration banding station run by the University of Southern Mississippi in Fort Morgan, Alabama. Removed birds from mist nets. Conducted radio telemetry on Catbirds and Swainson’s Thrushes.

Field Assistant (winter 2002)
Helped a University of Arkansas graduate student with his research on Henslow’s Sparrows. Target netted birds and used radio telemetry to track their movements. Recorded vegetation types and characteristics.

Piping Plover and Least Tern Steward (summer 2001)
Monitored beaches on the south shore of Long Island and Shelter Island, New York for The Nature Conservancy. Assisted at MAPS station.

Piping Plover Intern (summer 2000)
Paid Intern for the Massachusetts Audubon Society’s coastal waterbird program. Compiled final report. Conducted point counts for Saltmarsh Sharp-tailed Sparrow.

Graduate Assistant (winter 2000)
Assisted Ohio University graduate student with her research on Henslow’s sparrows at various sites in the South Eastern United States.

Seabird Rehabilitation volunteer (winter 2000)
Volunteered at Sea Life Park in Hawaii for one month. Handled and fed shearwaters, red-footed boobies, and various other native Hawaiian birds.

Graduate Assistant (fall 1999)
Assisted University of Georgia graduate student with Bobwhite Quail Initiative Program- Conducted point count surveys for northern bobwhite quail, songbird transects, and vegetation surveys. Used G.P.S. and radio telemetry.

Piping Plover Steward (spring 1999 to summer 1999)
Student Conservation Association Daily monitoring plover nests and broods at Assateague Island National Park. Assisted with shorebird surveys.