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Professional Experience

Assistant Director
Wildlife Conservation Society, Vientiane Lao PDR
July 2004Present
Coordinate all conservation education and public awareness activities throughout the WCS Lao program. Assist other WCS country programs with conservation education and public awareness raising activities in the SE Asia regional programs (Cambodia and Myanmar). Solicit funds for biodiversity conservation projects in Lao PDR. Assist with program planning, monitoring and evaluation as needed.

Training and Education Coordinator
WCS Lao Program, Vientiane, Lao PDR
October 19962004
Coordinated all aspects of the Training and Education Cooperative Project between the Division of Forest Resource Conservation (DFRC) and the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), Lao PDR. Developed conservation education and public awareness raising programs to address threats to key biodiversity; Created a joint DFRC/WCS training team that conducts in-service training on protected area management, biodiversity conservation and survey field techniques for government officials; Assisted DFRC and WCS with means to improve the Human Resource capacity of staff; Conducted “Participatory Biodiversity Assessments” of selected protected areas. Created a mobile conservation education unit designed to deliver conservation education programs in primary and secondary schools near areas of high biodiversity; Created public awareness materials as appropriate. Assisted the government of Lao PDR with the planning and implementation of “Wildlife Week ’97 and ’98” celebrated the week of July 13th; and solicited funds from donors as needed.

Technical Specialist (Trainer)
Community Forestry Project, U.S. Peace Corps Thailand
Participated as a team member of Pre-Service Training (PST) 107, activities included: staff preparation, trainee and staff evaluations, logistics planning, and post program documentation. Planned and implemented a technical training for new volunteers that provided trainees with a broad and comprehensive understanding of Community Forestry in Thailand. Prepared new volunteers how to assimilate effectively into their Thai offices.

Environmental Consultant
The Asia Foundation Thailand
Conducted a review and evaluation of The Asia Foundation Thailand Environmental Program. Reviewed the stated goals/objectives of each grant to confirm its relationship to goals/objectives of the overall program. Determined the relative accomplishments of each grant as viewed by the Foundation and the grantee themselves. Interviewed grantees and other pertinent people of the Thai environmental community to assess their perceptions of The Asia Foundation Thailand Environmental Program. Assisted in writing a document to report our findings. Some examples of projects that were funded by the Asia Foundation include: Coral Reef Ecosystem Conservation, Protected Area Management, Community Based Marine Fisheries, Environmental Education, Environmental Law Seminars, Environmental Toxicology and Public Relations Activities.

Technical Specialist (Trainer)
National Parks Project, U.S. Peace Corps Thailand
Acted as a team member of Pre-service Training 106, duties included: staff preparations, trainee and staff evaluations, logistics planning, and post program documentation. Planned and developed a training for new Volunteers that provided trainees with a broad and comprehensive understanding of Protected Area Management and National Parks in Thailand. This training included activities that gave trainees skills in the following areas: national park laws and enforcement practices, park interpretation methods, visitor center design, environmental education with park visitors and locals around parks using Project WILD activities, wildlife surveys, national park flora and fauna, natural resources data bases in Thailand for threatened and endangered species management, and ways to assimilate into and work effectively in their new Thai offices.

Park Ranger/Conservationist
U.S. Peace Corps, Phu Jong Nayoy National Park, NE Thailand
Designed and implemented a low-cost Public Relations – Conservation Education Program in and around Phu Jong Nayoy N.P. in collaboration with a local NGO and Ubonrachatani University. Obtained funds from international organizations. Successfully cooperated with Thai co-workers and rural Thai farmers in trying to create a better understanding between park-villager needs. Produced public relations materials. Conducted youth camps for students. Built visitor center displays. Conducted park wildlife surveys. Assisted the park superintendent with infra-structural designs (i.e. road/trail signs, wayside monuments, buildings).

Park Ranger/Conservationist
U.S. Peace Corps, Khao Yai National Park, Thailand
Participated as a member of the Khao Yai National Park Mobile Extension Unit conducting conservation education activities around the parks border areas with local people. Surveyed local villagers opinions and attitudes towards the park and park practices. Assisted with park interpretation by creating visitor center exhibits, trail maps, and a mammals handbook. Assisted foreign researchers conduct research activities while they were at Khao Yai N.P. Helped organize or attended several international meetings and conferences at Khao Yai N.P., such as: Asian Hornbills and Their Habitats. Assisted the Royal Forestry Department survey park wildlife in a proposed dam site.

Associate Scientist/Senior Technician
EG&G Idaho, Idaho Falls, Idaho
Supported environmental characterization and restoration activities. Performed biological monitoring at the Radio- active Waste Management Complex (RWMC). Data compilation and evaluation for the RCRA Facilities Investigation. Created a flat file on geophysical data from the RWMC. Compiled hazardous waste documentation into a SCI-mate data base. Successfully completed Quality Assurance training (40 hrs.) Proficient with IBM and Macintosh software.

Biological Technician
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge, Walden, CO
Conducted a wide variety of field surveys. Assumed primary responsibility for sampling predator abundance. Habitat enhancement for waterfowl. Assisted in several arrests of hunters violating federal wildlife laws. Directly supervised twelve temporary employees (YCC). Coordinated with refuge personnel in planning and executing interagency projects between the Colorado State Fish and Game and local federal agencies. Submitted quarterly reports to the regional office.

Biological Aide
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Arapaho N.W.R., Walden, CO
Lead public refuge tours. Assisted in waterfowl broad counts. Determined the success of goose nesting structures. Conducted sage grouse census. Assisted in waterfowl nesting transects. Aquatic vegetation surveys. Conducted a holistic range inventory transect of refuge uplands. Calculated water flow using Partial flumes and pond volumes using surveying equipment. Constructed and repaired informational signs.


Antioch University New England
Current Environmental Studies MS 2006

University of Idaho
Wildlife Resources, BSc ’89


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Other Publications and Papers Presented At Professional Meetings

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