Nicole Gross-Camp, PhD

Nicole Gross-Camp, MSPhD
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How were you involved with CTEC?
From its inception in 2000-2001  helped to organize the first symposium in 2001. I also worked as a Managing Director for two years (2001;2002 and 2003;2004).

Current Work

Senior Research Associate
Payments for Environmental Services Rwanda
International Development Group
Nyungwe National Park of Rwanda


To oversee all aspects of the project and am particularly charged with the monitoring of human activity in the forest adjacent to the communities with whom we work.


How did your training/experience with Center for Tropical Ecology and Conservation influence you, provide an opportunity, or help you get where you are today?

CTEC nurtured my interests in tropical ecology and conservation and provided an outlet to connect with other individuals/ organizations with similar interests. I believe that CTEC helped to establish credibility for AUNE students (myself included), the quality of our work, and assisted in the obtaining of outside funding for my research.

Do you feel that you received an interdisciplinary training/education?
Absolutely, I see this more now as a graduate and in the workforce than ever before – we receive training in BOTH the social and natural sciences, political science, economics, and are further encouraged to explore avenues that are of particular interest to our own personal career/ professional pathway.


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