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Research Interests

I first made my way to the tropics over ten years ago. Straight out of undergrad, I headed to Southeast Asia to explore. Over the years I’ve been back several times. During each visit, I’m amazed at the speed at which development and the subsequent environmental degradation has occurred. Living in a rural village in West Africa and facilitating public health outreach programs increased my awareness of the connection between environmental degradation and public health. I always returned to the question, “How can human health be improved for a rural population when the natural environment on which they are so dependent continues to be degraded?”

Communities must be engaged and invested in the conservation effort to avoid the initiation of programs that are in conflict with local needs. A conservation plan that includes community outreach focused on the program’s contribution to human health while raising environmental awareness has a greater chance at success. Furthermore, when conflicts arise, human welfare is always the first priority. A wildlife conservation effort that accounts for the human population’s needs would be better able to accommodate for those changing conditions and demands. This is where I would like to focus my studies.

Professional Experience

20082009, International School of Kenya, Nairobi, Kenya
Classroom Teacher

Currently teaching all aspects of the curriculum, from science and math, to social studies and language arts.

20072008, Khartoum American School, Khartoum, Sudan
Science Teacher

Taught all aspects of middle school science for grades 5-8.

20052006, Wildlife Conservation Society, Laos, SE Asia
Project Liaison: Black Cheeked Gibbon Project

Trained, supervised, and managed local staff to conduct detailed census of the Black cheeked crested gibbon, Nomascus concolor; Led and supervised gibbon survey teams for 7 to 10 day census periods; Managed project budget; Organized logistics: equipment, transportation, staff, food, timing, survey locations; Directed reporting: budget reports, receipts, field trip reports

20052006, United Nations Educational, Social, and Cultural Organization. UNESCO Ecotourism Project, Nam Ha Protected Area, Laos, SE Asia
Completed a feasibility study for conserving the Black cheeked crested gibbon through the promotion of tourism focused products; Developed a land use development plan for the Vieng Phoukka ecotourism office; Wrote, implemented, and supervised a tourism survey to over 200 foreign visitors to Luang Namtha Province, Laos.

2005, Bay Islands Conservation Association (BICA), Utila, Honduras
Project InternParticipated in ongoing monitoring of coral and measuring juvenile reef fish recruitment for the southern-most portion of the Meso-American Barrier Reef System. This entailed performing reef transects using SCUBA. Completed a GIS map of commercial diving sites using GPS and Arcview 3.2. Educational activities included canvassing local dive shops for disposable battery usage, and participating in local beach cleanup activities with local schools.

20032006, GCC/US Fish and Wildlife – Atlantic Salmon Restoration Project
Supervising Field Biologist/Atlantic Salmon Restoration Project: Oversee upstream migration count of Atlantic Salmon, Sea Lamprey, American Shad and other Anadromous fish at two fish ladders on the Connecticut River; Capture and release downstream juvenile Atlantic Salmon for ongoing population study for the Atlantic Salmon Restoration Project; Anaesthetize, measure head to tail length, mark, and clip anal fins for DNA study before reviving and releasing salmon.

2003, Uganda Wildlife Education Center, Entebbe, Uganda
Wildlife Educator/Apprentice Animal Keeper: Led groups of students and visitors throughout wildlife center. Apprenticed with senior bird and primate keepers learning the prescribed diet and feeding frequency for captive primates and bird species. Carried out daily feedings. Participated in daily rehabilitation of African Eagle Owl and African Grey Parrots for re-release into the Uganda National Park system.

20002002, Peace Corps, Togo, W. Africa
Health Extension Agent/Natural Resource Mgmt: Recruited community volunteers to plant tree nurseries and started tree planting scheme for shade trees at primary and secondary schools. Held weekly sessions at two local clinics stressing the importance of clean water, basic santitation, family planning, breast feeding, baby weight monitoring, proper nutrition, and HIV/AIDS prevention. Administered Polio vaccinations and Vitamin A supplementation. Facilitated mural painting campaign with UNICEF. Trained a team of community health workers to prevent and eradicate Guinea Worm.

19962000, Deutschebank, New York, NY
Supervisor/Administrative Assistant: Oversaw the word processing staff in the document production center for a major investment bank; Performed general office duties including greeting and receiving clients, maintaining billing information, and producing documents using various software programs including Microsoft Office and Wordperfect.

19951996, Amnesty International, New York, NY
Development Assistant: Conducted research to identify potential institutional and individual funding sources; Organized mailing of donor appeal letters, acknowledgements, and inquiry responses.

19931994, Memphis City Schools, Memphis, TN
Substitute Teacher: Supervised students aged 3-18 years in grades K through 12; Specifically worked with hearing impaired and mentally handicapped children.


Status of the western black crested gibbon (Nomascus concolor) in the Nam Ha National Protected Area, Lao PDR, found in The Gibbon Journal

Language Skills

  • French
  • Moba
  • (Volta-Congo language)


George Mason University
Master of Education in progress.

Antioch University
MS, Conservation Biology, 2007

State University of New York at Binghamton
BA, Film Production1992