CTEC Publications

Peer Reviewed Papers

Baillie I.C., P.S. Ashton, S.P. Chin, S.J. Davies, P.A. Palmiotto, S.E. Russo and S. Tan. 2006. Spatial associations of humus, nutrients and soils in mixed dipterocarp forest at Lambir, Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo. Journal of Tropical Ecology 22:543-553.

Brown, A.C. and R., Newman. 2006. Record of Bridled Quail-dove (Geotrygon mystacea) for St. Martin and implications for conservation. Caribbean Journal of Ornithology (in press)

Kaplin, B.A., I. Munanura, J.B. Baptiste, and M. Masozera, in prep. Regeneration of burned tropical forest: arrival and survival of large seeds. To be submitted to Biotropica.

Kaplin, B.A., N. Gross-Camp, N. Masozera, M. Ewango, C. McNeilage, A. Plumptre, and P. Fashing, in prep. Patterns of mammal distribution and and human disturbance in the Nyungwe Forest, Rwanda. To be submitted to Oryx.

Gross-Camp, N. and B.A. Kaplin, 2005. Chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) seed dispersal in an afromontane forest: microhabitat influences on the post-dispersal fate of large seeds. Biotropica 37(4): 641-649.

Ormsby, A. and B.A. Kaplin. Developing A Framework for Understanding Community Resident Perceptions of Masoala National Park, Madagascar (PDF 145K) Submitted to Environmental Conservation

Zjhra, M.L. and B.A. Kaplin, 2004. Reproductive Biology and Genetics of Tropical Trees from a Canopy Perspective. In M.D. Lowman and H.B. Rinker, editors. Forest Canopies, 2nd ed. Academic Press.

Hansel, T., 2004. Observations on subsistence hunting along the Phu Yai Mountain Range, Xanakham District, Vientiane Province, Lao PDR. (PDF 319K) Nat. Hist. Bull. Siam. Soc.52:(2) 195-200

Ganas, J., M.M. Robbins, J.B. Nkurunungi, B.A. Kaplin, and A. McNeilage, 2004. Dietary Variability of Mountain Gorillas in Bwindi Inpenetrable National Park, UgandaInternational Journal of Primatology 25:(5) 1043-1074.

Palmiotto, P.A., S.J. Davies, K.A. Vogt, P.M.S. Ashton, D.J. Vogt, and P.S. Ashton, 2004. Soil-related habitat specialization in dipterocarp rainforest tree species in Borneo (PDF 342K) Journal of Ecology 92:609-623.

Palmiotto, P.A., K.V. Vogt, P.M.S. Ashton, P.S. Ashton, D.J. Vogt, H. Semui, and L.W. Seng, 2004. Linking canopy gaps, topographic position and edaphic variation: implications for species diversity. Tropical Forest Diversity and Dynamism: Findings from a Large-Scale Plot Network.

Itoh, A., T. Yamakura, T. Ohkubo, M. Kanzaki, P.A. Palmiotto, S. Tan, and H.S. Lee, 2003. Spatially aggregated fruiting in an emergent Bornean tree (PDF 372K) Journal of Tropical Ecology 19:531-538.

Harrison, R.D., A.A. Hamid, T. Kenta, J. Lafrankie, H. Lee, H. Nagamasu, T. Nakashizuka, and P.A. Palmiotto, 2003. The diversity of hemi-epiphytic figs (Ficus; Moraceae) in a Bornean lowland rain forest. (PDF 287K) Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 73:439-455.

Kaplin, B.A., 2001. Ranging behavior of two species of guenons (Cercopithecus Ihoesti and C. mitis doggetti) in the Nyungwe Forest Reserve, Rwanda (297K pdf) International Journal of Primatology 22:(4) 521-548.

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Kaplin, B.A. and T. Moermond, 1998. Variation in seed handling by two species of forest monkeys in Rwanda (PDF 269K) American Journal of Primatology 45:83-101.

Vann, D.R., P.A. Palmiotto, and G.R. Strimbeck, 1998. Allometric equations for two South American conifers: Test of a non-destructive method. Forest Ecology and Management 106:55-71.

Sun, C., B.A. Kaplin, K.A. Kristensen, V. Munyaligoga, J. Mvukiyumwami, K.K. Kajonda, and T.C. Moermond, 1996. Tree phenology in a tropical montane forest in Rwanda (PDF 873K)Biotropica 24:(4b) 668-681.

Professional Reports

Kelly Biedenweg

Evaluation Report for the Associacion Nacional de Exbecarios para el Desarollo de Honduras: Environmental Youth Leadership Camps (PDF 625K)

Monica Mayer

Local Exchange Workshop of Organized Women’s Groups for the Sustainable Development of Talamanca, Costa Rica(PDF 860K)

Michael Simpson

Cycles of Carbon and Nitrogen and Interactions with Waste Management Practices (PDF 1.5M)