Faculty Research

centipede field work Forest

Beth Kaplin, PhD, CTEC Director and AUNE faculty member, currently has long term research projects in the Nyungwe Forest Reserve, Rwanda, East Africa. Research projects in this tropical montane forest include long-term phenology, forest regeneration, seed dispersal ecology, forest monkey behavioral ecology and habitat use studies, and biodiversity surveys.

Beth Kaplin, PhD and Michelle Zjhra, PhD, faculty member at Georgia Southern University, were awarded a AAAS/WISC Travel Award in spring 2002 to initiate a study on the Masoala Peninsula in Madagascar in collaboration with Malagasy colleagues and graduate students. The study will examine aspects of forest dynamics in a large plot, with a focus on pollination biology and seed dispersal ecology.

Peter Palmiotto, DF, Conservation Biology Concentration Director, has studied in Malaysia and is specifically interested in the biological attributes of individual tree species that influence ecosystem level processes and biological diversity in forest ecosystems.

CTEC Students are currently conducting thesis and dissertation work throughout the tropics in Belize, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Honduras, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Rwanda, and Uganda.