Coastal Connections: Linking Research and Education in Tropical Coastal Systems

Saturday, November 3rd, 2007

Symposium Summary

Coastal fishing boatsThousands of livelihoods are dependent upon healthy coastal systems for survival. Yet, coastal systems are highly impacted regions with one of the fastest rates of human development across the globe.

New England and tropical coastal systems are intimately connected through commerce, migratory species, and local and global threats.

Both coastal systems are impacted by coastal run-off, habitat fragmentation and decline in water quality.

Students walking along a beachGlobal climate changes are predicted to have significant impacts on both tropical and New England coastal systems, compounding the problems that already exist.

In order to prevent further degradation of our coastal ecosystems scientists, educators and advocates must work together to prevent decline in tropical and New England coastal systems.

The purpose of this symposium is to bring together researchers, educators and advocates from New England and tropical coastal systems to discuss contemporary applied research and how to and why we should bring that research to the classroom and general public.

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