H. Bruce Rinker, PhD

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Director of Scientific Advancement and Development
Biodiversity Research Institute, 652 Main St, Gorham, ME 04038
Office Telephone: 207-839-7600 ext. 217

Curriculum Vitae (PDF 39K)

Personal Statement

Dr. Rinker is a distinguished ecologist, educator and explorer. His scientific expeditions have included numerous trips to remote locations around the world, especially in the tropics. Co-editor and contributor to Forest Canopies (2004) and Gaia in Turmoil (2010), Dr. Rinker has received many awards including “Outstanding Biology Teacher” from the National Association of Biology Teachers. His undergraduate work at VA TECH concentrated on forestry and wildlife resource management; his Ph.D. from Antioch University Graduate School in environmental studies focused on tropical forest ecology. Dr. Rinker serves on a number of international science boards including “Naturalia” in Mexico and the “Amazon Conservatory for Tropical Studies” in Peru.