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Academic Appeals   Academic Department Chairperson
Advanced Standing   Registrar’s Office
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Alumni Events   Alumni Office
Alumni Files & Transcripts   Registrar’s Office
Audio/Visual Media & Equipment   Library Circulation Desk
Bulletin Board: Center Wide   Communications
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Carpooling   Bulletin Board/Rideshare
Certification, New Hampshire State   Registrar’s Office
Class Lists   Registrar’s Office
Computer Requirements   HelpDesk
Course Descriptions   Registrar’s Office
Course Evaluations   Registrar’s Office
Degree Candidacy Review   Registrar’s Office
Disability Services Coordinator   Student Disabilities Services
Drop/Add and Extension Forms   Registrar’s Office
Faculty Handbook   Registrar’s Office
Financial Aid Information   Financial Aid Office
Financial Counseling   Financial Aid Office
General Information   Admissions Office
Graduation (Degree Conferral) Process   Registrar’s Office
Housing   Admissions Office
Housing Bulletin Board   Admissions Office
Income Tax/Educational Deductions   Financial Aid Office
Incomplete Admissions Files   Admissions Office
Library   Library
Lost & Found   Your Department
Registration (Online) Questions   Registrar’s Office
Room Scheduling   Registrar’s Office
Scholarship Information   Financial Aid Office
Sexual Harassment & Assault   Vice President for Finance and Administration
Student Consumer Information   Financial Aid Office
Student Health Insurance Information   Student Accounts Office
Student Files   Registrar’s Office
Student Handbook   Registrar’s Office
Student I.D. Cards   Registrar’s Office
Supervised Individual Study Forms   Registrar’s Office
Syllabi   Registrar’s Office
Transcripts, Working or Official   Registrar’s Office
Tuition-Bills   Student Accounts Office
Tuition & Fee Questions   Student Accounts Office
V-sheets, Practicum/Internship   Registrar’s Office
Veterans’ Benefits   Registrar’s Office
Waivers of Academic Requirements   Academic Department
Work-study Program   Financial Aid Office
Writing Center   Writing Center