Curtis Ogden – Commencement Speaker – 2009

The 2009 Antioch University New England Commencement Speaker was Curtis Ogden, who team-taught the Organizational Change Models with Bob Rue and who is a senior associate with the Interaction Institute for Social Change (IISI) in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Curtis called on everyone to bring their full selves to the work of social change. “This is not just about responding to need in the world, it’s about bringing ourselves fully to life,” said Curtis. “If we lead like that, who wouldn’t want to join us?” He continued by asking if the graduates were ready and willing to bring it all, mind, body, and spirit to the work ahead. “I can assure you that we need more of you, more of your full-bodied brilliance. It will take nothing less…” Read the full text of Curtis Ogden’s speech.