Below are a selection of video and audio clips from Antioch University New England faculty, students and alumni.

Students and Alumni

Bennett Konesni, MBA '09Bennett Konesni, MBA ’09 -MBA in Sustainability
AUNE grad Bennett Konesni led the audience in a celebratory Austrian YOOTZ tune at the 2009 commencement ceremonies (7:00)
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Jodie Wennemer, MS CandidateJodie Wennemer, MS Candidate –
Conservation Biology Program
Mollusk Restoration on Cape Cod (3:25)
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border="1" alt="David Mallard, MS Candidate, Conservation Biology Program" class="floatleft">David Mallard, MS ’08 –
Conservation Biology Program
Climate Change and Mt. Monadnock (5:00)
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border="1" alt="Kenold Moreau, MS Candidate, Resource Management and Conservation Program" class="floatleft">Kenold Moreau, MS ’08 –
Resource Management and Conservation Program
An Environmental Survey in Haiti (4:43)
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border="1" alt="JohnBosco Sumani, MS Candidate, Resource Management and Conservation Program" class="floatleft">JohnBosco Sumani, MS ’08 –
Resource Management and Conservation Program
A Climate of Change in Africa (4:10)
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border="1" alt="Katie Stoner MS '08 and Sarah Harpster MS '08" class="floatleft">Katie Stoner MS ’08 and Sarah Harpster, MS ’08
The 10% Challenge: Keene Tackles Climate Change One Business at a Time (34:00)
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border="1" alt="Curtis Ogden" class="floatleft">Curtis Ogden
2009 Commencement Speech
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border="1" alt="Perspectives on the Future: Environmental Studies Visioning Panel" class="floatleft">Tom Wessels, Steve Chase, and Joy Ackerman
Perspectives On The Future:
Environmental Studies Panel Explores Possibilities

(5:41, 12:07, 15:16)
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border="1" alt="Diane Kurinsky- EdD - Department of Applied Psychology" class="floatleft">Diane Kurinsky, EdD – Department of Applied Psychology
Climate Change and Human Change: Making the Connections (52:00)
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border="1" alt="David Sobel, MEd - Department of Education" class="floatleft" style="margin-bottom:35px;">David Sobel, MEd – Department of Education
Global Climate Change Meets Ecophobia (54:00)
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On Educating for Sustainability (4:50)
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border="1" alt="Tom Wessels, MA - Department of Environmental Studies" class="floatleft" style="margin-bottom:35px;">Tom Wessels, MA – Department of Environmental Studies
2008 Commencement Speech: “To Restory America” (20:00)
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A Stroll with Tom Wessels (around Goose Pond)
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Other Events

border="1" alt="LaDuke_2010commence" class="floatleft">Winona LaDuke, Commencement Speaker
AUNE Commencement – 2010
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border="1" alt="The Sustainability and Social Justice Pledge - 2010" class="floatleft">Graduates, Jeremy Donovan, MBA ’10, Katie Salz, MS ’10 and Barbara Lynch, PsyD ’10, lead the Sustainability and Social Justice Pledge.
AUNE Commencement – 2010
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border="1" alt="Climate Change and Human Change" class="floatleft">Diane Kurinsky, EdD; Fred Taylor, PhD; Paul Cameron, MS, Executive Director of Brattleboro Climate Protection; and AUNE master’s candidate Jessica Zane
Climate Change and Human Change (AUNE Speaker Series 2009)
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border="1" alt="John Ackerly - Global Warming and Tibet" class="floatleft">John Ackerly, President – International Campaign for Tibet
Global Warming and Tibet (AUNE Speaker Series 2009)
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Dr. Thomas Moore
Building Successful Relationships Using Spiritual Principles, December 2008
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