Whole Terrain’s ((r)e)volution is Here!

Whole Terrain Cover 16The sixteenth volume of Whole Terrain, Antioch University New England’s journal of reflective environmental practice, has arrived. The volume explores the link between evolution and revolution, spurring the editorial board to coin a term that serves as the issue’s title: “((r)e)volution.” This year’s journal features diverse perspectives from such nationally known writers and practitioners as famed evolutionist Lynn Margulis, author and poet Janisse Ray, and evangelist Jonathan Merritt.

Edited by Peter Davenport MS ‘09, “((r)e)volution” features work by three other writers with strong ties to AUNE. Donald Strauss, a faculty member at Antioch University Los Angeles and AUNE doctoral candidate, explores the emerging radical bike movement as it creatively undermines the automobile-based urban ecosystem in Los Angeles. Twyla Dell, who received her doctorate in environmental studies from AUNE, takes us on a familial journey examining the history and possible future of fuel-technology interdependency, while AUNE lab and herbarium coordinator John Crockett reveals how a chance encounter with a whale showed him the way to meaning, joy, and contentment.

You may purchase your own copy of “((r)evolution” at the Whole Terrain store on our website at www.wholeterrain.org. Detailed information on this and other volumes can be found here.