Whole Terrain Celebrates Two New Events

Whole Terrain, Antioch University New England’s journal of reflective environmental practice, has much to celebrate with two recent achievements. Volume 17, The Significance of Scale, has arrived, while last year’s edition, ((r)e)volution, has won an Award of Recognition in the 2010 New England Regional Awards of Excellence Competition, presented by the Printing Industries of New England (PINE).

Whole Terrain - Vol. 16 -((r)e)volution((r)e)volution, which explores the relationship between revolution and evolution, was selected for the honor for superlative design from more than 200 entries by an independent panel of judges. Edited by alumnus Peter Davenport and designed by AUNE graphic designer Laurie Webster, it was printed by Howard Printing, Inc. of Vermont.

“The PINE award acknowledges not only the creativity and diligence to detail of Howard Printing, which was amazing in helping us produce ((r)e)volution, but also the work of the volume’s artists, writers and especially Antioch University New England’s own Laurie Webster, who put the journal together,” said Peter.

Whole Terrain - Vol. 17 - Significance of ScaleNewly arrived, The Significance of Scale is now available for purchase. Edited by Rochelle Gandour and Vivian Kimball, it explores the interplays of scale in today’s changing environmental movement. Ten intriguing essays, an interview and poetry accompanied by captivating photographs and artwork, carry readers thoughtfully into the future, both grounded and inspired by the possibilities before us. Contributors include author and New York Times writer Charles Siebert, activist and author Kathleen Dean Moore and Seventh Generation founder Jeffrey Hollender, among others.

To purchase a copy of Whole Terrain:
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