Visiting Scholar from Rwanda Arrives at AUNE

Jean-Pierre KabuyengeJean-Pierre Kabuyenge, a biology professor in the National University of Rwanda (NUR), spent a month as a visiting scholar at AUNE.

Kabuyenge came at the invitation of the Department of Environmental Studies and faculty member Beth Kaplin, with whom he has been working for six years on a conservation education project in Rwanda.

At AUNE, he observed classes, faculty and student meetings, and worked on research in conservation science.

Learn more about his stay at AUNE and his environmental work in Rwanda here.

Kabuyenge teaches, does research, supervises student projects and leads the Zoology and Conservation option in NUR’s Department of Biology.

Born in Rwanda, Jean-Pierre fled at a young age to Burundi with his family in 1962. In Burundi, he earned a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences, taught science and worked in education administration on the national level. He earned a master’s degree in biology in Belgium, studying applied ecology, population ecology and fresh water biology. He taught in a teachers’ college for two years after returning to Burundi.

In 1994, he left a politically unstable Burundi to return to Rwanda with his family. He went to work in Extension for NUR before joining the biology department. He lives in Butare, Rwanda, with his wife and four children.

His visit is funded by the MacArthur Foundation grant that supports the conservation education work of Kaplin and others at National University of Rwanda. The visit is part of the development of a memorandum of understanding between AUNE and NUR. Contact him at