Vision 2020, New ANEI Collaborative Project

Antioch New England Institute (ANEI), a consulting and community outreach department of Antioch University New England, is pleased to announce an exciting collaborative project with Cheshire Medical Center/Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene (CMC/DHK).

Vision 2020 is a community-wide, comprehensive public health effort initiated by CMC/DHK that focuses on making the greater Keene area the healthiest community in the country by the year 2020.

ANEI will serve as the evaluation and assessment partner for the project. In this role, ANEI will help the community identify, define, measure, and evaluate national measures as well as its own unique indicators of health in five key areas: health status, health care access, health literacy, wellness, and social capital. Along with tracking and reporting on these quantitative measures, ANEI will also help plan, monitor and evaluate the overall process the community follows on its path to becoming the nation’s healthiest.

ANEI project director Anne Nordstrom, PhD, will coordinate and lead ANEI’s Vision 2020 efforts. Anne is responsible for evaluating the process and working with a host of community partners as well as ANE faculty and graduate students.

For more information about this project visit the ANEI Vision 2020 web pages. Students interested Vision 2020 research opportunities should contact Anne Nordstrom directly.