Take the First Step Toward a Graduate Degree–Try out an AUNE Course

Is Ornithology your passion?  Maybe Place-Based Education sparks your interest? Environmental Law or Classroom Drawing? Antioch University New England (AUNE) is offering first-time students a discount on its non-matriculated student rate for one master’s-level course.

If you’ve never taken a course at AUNE before, you can try out one of a variety of master’s level, one- to three-credit courses as a non-matriculated student. The reduced cost is only $1,000.

More than twenty-five courses  in our master’s-level programs in Education, Environmental Studies, Psychology, and Management  are waiting for you. Some are available on-line. Credits may be transferable into master’s program at AUNE or other institutions.

Classes start the week of August 24, so don’t delay. This offer will also be available in the spring 2014 semester.

This significant discount may only be applied one time. Matriculated students pay a different tuition.

If you have questions, call the Office of Admissions, 603-283-2130. Or get more information here.