Susan Hawes Visits Johannesburg, South Africa

Susan Hawes, Professor in the Clinical Psychology Department of Antioch University New England, recently returned from Johannesburg, South Africa where she provided services to a Home-based Care program in Soweto. She was there for 3 ½ weeks. Her scholarship and practice interests include Critical Psychology, psychological and emancipatory practices in impoverished communities, HIV/AIDS in underdeveloped nations, and the people of South Africa. This is her second time at the NGO, Cotlands, which provides services and sanctuary to HIV+ and abused children; her first visit was as a volunteer (with three Clinical Psychology students) for a little over two weeks in August 2007. Her goal this trip was to develop a set of psychological services and consultations within the Home-based Care program which can be sustained during annual or biannual stays over the next several years. With a small grant, she intends to seek grant money to support this work and to enable one or two students to accompany her. Her reflections on her summer work experiences in Johannesburg can be found at this address: