Science Teacher Cert Grad, Katy Chabot, Wins VT Award

Katy Chabot, MS ’04, a high school science teacher at Montpelier High School, Montpelier, Vermont, won the UVM Outstanding Teacher Award given by the University of Vermont’s College of Education and Social Services and Vermont Supervisory Unions and School Districts. The award was presented to her in October.

“Powerful teachers teeter on a difficult balance. Can she challenge students while maintaining compassion and understanding?  Can she engage students in content but dedicate herself to the teaching of lifelong skill? Can she see the individual while thinking about all children? said Montpelier High School principal Adam Bunting. In one year of service to the students of Montpelier High School, Katy Chabot has distinguished herself as just such a teacher.  To observe one of Katy’s biology classes is to see lessons that inspire engagement and curiosity.  Her students experience science while enjoying a classroom community that is playful, positive and focused.  We thank Katy for all of her efforts,”

Katy graduated from the Science Teacher Certification concentration in the Department of Environmental Studies.