Recently Retired Antioch University Chancellor Honored by Board of Governors

Dr. Toni Murdock, recently retired Antioch University (AU) Chancellor, was granted Chancellor Emeritus status by the AU Board of Governors at its annual meeting in June. Dr. Murdock retired as chancellor on June 30 after seven years in this role and a total of fifteen years of service to AU.

The board expressed its deep appreciation for Dr. Murdock’s commitment to education and to Antioch University, according to Board Chair Larry Stone. The title of Chancellor Emeritus recognizes distinguished service to the university system that goes beyond the normal responsibilities of the appointment and has had extraordinary impact on the university and the broader community. The board unanimously agreed that Dr. Murdock “has unquestionably met this criteria.”

“My tenure at Antioch has been an incredible daily leadership lesson and a dream come true that I would not trade for anything,” wrote Dr. Murdock when she announced her retirement in November. “Together we have written a new chapter in the story of Antioch university. We’ve worked hard together, struggled a little, too, and we have much to celebrate.”

Dr. Murdock was named chancellor in 2006 at a time when AU was facing a number of challenges. During her tenure, the University achieved a new era of governance and financial stability. Antioch’s tuition revenues and endowment grew. A university-wide strategic planning process was implemented to unite the five campuses. Antioch also launched a number of online academic programs and internationalized the campuses and curriculum.

The Board of Governors named Felice Nudelman as AU’s fifth chancellor last March. “Dr. Murdock is an innovative thinker who has worked tirelessly to support, promote, and advance both the university system and each of the five Antioch University campuses,” Chancellor Nudelman said.