PsyD Faculty Receive Funding to Share Expertise in Program Evaluation

Jim Fauth, PhD and George Tremblay, PhD have received funds from the Antioch University Chancellor’s Innovation Fund to share their expertise in program evaluation with other campuses in the Antioch University system. Faculty from Antioch Seattle and Antioch Santa Barbara will spend a few days on our campus in July to learn about the work the Center for Research on Psychological Practice (CROPP) is doing with human service agencies, observe a half-day evaluation design charrette we’ll be providing for a local public health program, and begin to design a program evaluation course that will be offered in various forms on all three campuses.

The goal is to enhance capacity throughout the Antioch University system for scholarship that also provides meaningful service to our local and regional communities, and service learning opportunities (not to mention gainful employment!) for students. We’re proud of CROPP’s record of externally funded evaluation work and student involvement, and look forward to sharing our experience with our visiting Antioch colleagues.