PsyD Alums: Life After University is Full of Surprises

PsyD Panel

Carmela DeCandia, PsyD ’99, and Brian Denietolis, PsyD ’10, talk about their career experiences.

What to expect after grad school? Five alumni of AUNE’s Department of Clinical Psychology came to AUNE October 28 to talk to students about their work life and experiences, especially as supervisors, administrators, and leaders.

Lorraine Mangione, AUNE professor of clinical psychology,  joked that the group should be called the thrown to the wolves panel: all the alums had found themselves in unplanned and unforeseen situations that tested their confidence. Yet each had grown and thrived on the challenge.

When Brian Denietolis, PsyD ’10, showed up for his new job, he found that almost all the staff had left and it was largely up to him to make his program work. And he did, successfully.

Denietolis gave the students some advice that he wished he’d gotten while still in the PsyD program:

 Talk to your mentors. Mentors really matterform relationships with them and pick their brains, he said.
Take classes in leadership and change, and keep your notes to re-read after you graduate.
Enlist the help of others. “Don’t be a Lone Ranger. Cultivate leaders.
Make changes slowly. Organizations are like a good Italian sauceif you dump in a bunch of ingredients and stir vigorously, it tastes gross. But if you go slowly, stir cautiously, and add ingredients slowly, it will taste wonderful.

Members of the panel were:

• Denietolis, unit psychologist at UMass Adolescent Continuing Care Unit, Worcester Recovery Center and Hospital, and Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, UMass Medical School.

• Carmela DeCandia, PsyD ’99, director, the National Center on Family Homelessness, an affiliate of the American Institute for Research, Waltham, Massachusetts.

• Jordanna L’Esperance-Chouinard, PsyD ’06,school psychologist, Newton, Massachusetts, public schools, and clinician, Dana Group Associates.

• Robert Hubbell, PsyD ’06, assistant professor of psychiatry, Albany Medical College; director, Albany Psychology Internship Consortium, and director, Albany Medical Center Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Clinical Psychology.

• Vince Pignatiello, PsyD ’13, postdoctoral intern, William Alanson White Institute of Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis, and Psychology, New York, New York, associate faculty, AUNE, and consultant/associate faculty, Chestnut Hill College, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.