Polly Chandler Ponders Efforts to End Hunger

How can a program like the Perpetual Food Pledge challenge, launched by Antioch University New England’s Net Impact chapter, fit into a larger corporate strategy? asks Polly Chandler, chair of AUNE’s Department of Management, in a March 5 essay published by Triple Pundit website.

She describes the efforts of large corporations C&S Wholesale Grocers, Wal-Mart and the Yum Brand to shrink America’s hunger problem. Then she asks whether a small university like AUNE should be trying to address hunger, or should instead remain stay focused on educational philanthropy.

“The students are making a difference in addressing food insecurity and finding tremendous interest and support in the pledge… But is this model sustainable? Is it strategic? Is it really getting at the root causes of hunger? ” she asks.

Read Chandler’s essay, A Laser Focus on Hunger.