OD Certificate Program Well Represented in the Field

Two key members of Antioch New England’s new Organization Development certificate program will be among the presenters in Baltimore at OD Network Conference 2007 in October.

Pat Bidol-Padva, PhD, faculty member in the Department of Organization & Management, will be part of a panel presenting The Power of WE: Engaging the Minds, Hearts, and Spirits of Stakeholders in Whole-System Change. Using the Ohio Education Association as a model, the panel will explore ways that everyone in an organization can be empowered to help guide change, from envisioning possibilities, to gathering input from all stakeholders, to implementing a strategic action plan.

Edith Seashore, guest lecturer in the OD Certification Program, will be involved in two events associated with the conference. A pre-conference session, Back to Basics: Principles for Powerful Practice, will cover the definition and reinforce the fundamentals of organization development, as well as provide a review of a meta-model of planned change. Edie will also join other past recipients of the OD Network’s Lifetime Achievement Award for an interactive group presentation, Learning from the Lived Experience of Luminaries in OD. Recent research on lived experience and reflective practice, involving several Lifetime Achievement Award recipients, will also be presented.

The Organization Development Network is an international association of professionals in organization and human systems development. It offers professional development and networking opportunities, publications, and other resources, as well as its annual conference.