NH’s Endowment for Health to Fund Pilot Phase of AUNE Integrated Care Evaluation Project

Professors Jim Fauth (Clinical Psychology), George Tremblay (Clinical Psychology), and Amy Blanchard (Marriage and Family Therapy) of the Center for Research on Psychological Practice (CROPP) have received $125K from New Hampshire’s Endowment for Health to fund the pilot phase of an Integrated Care Evaluation (ICE) project. A portion of this funding will support three doctoral research assistantships.

This project moves beyond the randomized clinical trial method of research to explore and improve integrated care †the systematic provision of mental, behavioral, and substance abuse treatment in primary medical care settings – as financially self-sustained in four clinics serving rural and/or underserved populations.

The project is designed to:
1) enhance understanding of the allocation, utilization, effectiveness, and cost-effectiveness of integrated primary care as delivered in naturalistic, underserved settings;
2) demonstrate the effectiveness of participatory practice-based research – as distinct from a dissemination model based on randomized clinical trials – for improving health care delivery systems; and
3) advance integrated health care policy in New Hampshire and beyond.

Professors Fauth, Tremblay,and Blanchard believe this project is a first of its kind. Project researchers will evaluate integrated care as practiced in naturalistic settings; feed the resulting data back into stakeholder-driven, site-specific, quality improvement initiatives; and engage third party payers, such as Medicaid, in designing summative evaluation to inform health care policy.