New Terrain Award

Whole Terrain, the annual literary journal of Antioch University New England, is seeking environmental essays from current undergraduates for this year’s issue, (R)(e)volution. The writer of the winning essay will receive the New Terrain Award, have his or her work published in the upcoming issue, and receive a $500 cash prize.We’re challenging college students to write a reflective essay considering some of the following questions: What roles do revolution, evolution or both play in crises facing the planet? Do you envision ways to solve the ecological, economic and/or social challenges of the twenty-first century? How radical should solutions to environmental problems be? What can the evolution of species teach us about long-term societal change? Do lasting solutions come through evolution or only through revolution? The deadline for submissions is Jan. 1, 2009. Entries sent by e-mail ( must include the subject header “New Terrain Award Submission.”To see Whole Terrain’s official call for submissions, and for further thematic guidelines and contest rules, visit