New Scholarships

Two new scholarships are now available:

Life Begins at 40 Scholarship for Women

Antioch New England received a gift that makes it possible for two scholarships of $1250 each, one to a continuing student and one to a new student, to be awarded beginning in 2006-07. Recipients will be selected from the pool of applicants for Federal financial aid and the Jonathan Daniels Scholarship who meet the published deadline with a complete application (March 1st for continuing students and new Clinical Psychology students, and June 1st for new students with a fall start date). The recipients will be selected from the group with the highest financial need as defined by our application process. The continuing student recipient will be notified by May 1st, and the new student will be notified by August 1st of each award year. The scholarship will be awarded annually for one academic year.

Rosa Parks Scholarship

The Rosa Parks Scholarship, honoring the legacy of the late Civil Rights pioneer and activist, will be awarded to one new and one continuing African-American student in 2006-07. $5000 per academic year will be awarded to each recipient for the time they are enrolled full time, while paying full time tuition, at Antioch New England. Recipients will be selected from the pool of applicants for Federal aid who demonstrate financial need. A description of the terms and conditions governing the Rosa Parks award, and the renewal of this scholarship, is being developed and will be available to the recipients of the awards.