New AUNE Student Raising Money for Wildlife

Adriana Casillas, incoming AUNE studentAdriana Casillas came to the United States from Mexico as an undocumented five-year old. Now Adriana, a resident of Northfield, Minnesota, is entering AUNE this fall as a student in the Conservation Biology concentration in the Department of Environmental Studies, with the help of a President’s Merit Scholarship from AUNE. She wants to assist in protecting endangered and threatened species in Africa from poachers and to work in Rwanda next summer as an AUNE student.

Adriana is holding a moving sale on July 14 in Northfield, and will give the proceeds to wildlife conservation in South Africa. She earned a degree in fisheries and wildlife biology from the University of Minnesota.

Read about Adriana in this June 14 news article from The Leader: Northfield Woman’s Passion for Wildlife Inspires Fundraiser.