MFT Student Publishes Article on Being a Multicultural Family Therapist

An article by Yudum Akyil, a fourth-year doctoral student in the Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) program, has been published in the July issue of the Journal of Family Psychotherapy. The article is titled “Being a Family Therapist in the United States: Multicultural Competency Through the Lenses of an Immigrant Therapist.”

Yudum was in the first cohort of students in AUNE’s MFT doctoral program, and her article is the first published by a student in that program.

Yudum immigrated with her husband and son to the United States from Turkey, where she had earned a master’s degree in clinical psychology. Before coming to AUNE, she earned a master’s in marriage and family therapy in Boston and worked for a nonprofit agency.

Through a case study, Yudum’s article discusses the influence of her upbringing in the Turkish culture on her clinical work with middle-class Anglo-American clients. She compares collectivistic and individualistic cultures and how they differ in their definitions of family relatedness.

The article concludes, “Although there is a large cultural diversity in the United States, it would be interesting to see how the family therapists in different countries differ in how they reflect their cultural or relational background in therapy.”

Yudum is now working at Dogus University in Turkey.

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