Meet Rachel Thompson: ANE’s New Green Guru

ANE's Green Guru, Rachel Thompson

ANE’s latest Green Guru, Rachel
Thompson, will continue giving
energy-efficiency audits around

Antioch University New England is pleased to announce the appointment of its new Green Guru †Rachel Thompson. As the Green Guru, Rachel will continue ANE’s Office Energy-Efficiency Audit program. Her audits are quick and easy, one-on-one office visits that educate employees about making smart energy-efficiency and conservation choices that result in reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Some of Rachel’s Green Guru tips include modifying computer-setting adjustments, installing and using power strips, and using lap-top computers when possible.

Rachel’s other responsibilities include coordinating the Carbon Counts: You Can Too lunch-time speaker series, maintaining the Please Flip Me Off sign campaign, and staffing the Energy Work Group under the Carbon Neutrality Task Force. Rachel is a master’s candidate in ANE’s elementary education certification program. Previously she worked at the non-profit Maine Energy Education Program, as a carbon footprint educator.

“The Green Guru is one part Avon sales lady and one part car inspection mechanic.” said Abigail Abrash Walton, ANE’s assistant to the president for sustainability and social justice. “The Guru works with a checklist and brings free gifts, like power strips and compact fluorescent light bulbs.” Abigail adds that the goal for this year’s Green Guru is to complete the Office Energy-Efficiency Audit. “We’re aiming for 100 percent employee participation,” said Abigail. “We are currently at 60 percent and have already seen significant changes in the campus’s electricity consumption.” In fact, ANE reduced its electricity consumption by 19 percent over the past three years using only low cost and low tech measures.

This year marks the third year of the ANE Green Guru program. The program was one of the key recommendations of ANE’s 2006 Energy and Climate Action Task Force’s Outreach and Education Sub-Committee. The position was created to help ANE reach its goal of carbon neutrality by the year 2020.

ANE employees can get involved in the Green Guru Office Energy-Efficiency Audit by checking out the Green Guru’s Tips and Resources, and by setting up an appointment to meet with Rachel. Employees that participate will win recognition and prizes during Staff Appreciation Week in April.