MBA in Sustainability Alumni and Students Gather for End-of-Term Weekend

Duck Caldwell gives her practicum presentation

Duck Caldwell gives her practicum presentation, Gleaning: A Revived Method for Capturing Modern Agricultural Surplus.

The MBA in Sustainability’s end of term brought many alumni to town to meet with the graduating class and catch up with old friends.

On Friday, current candidates gave their practicum presentations. Twelve alumni from the 2011 and 2012 MBA cohorts, from Seattle, Washington, and from Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont, made a special note of cheering for candidate Tom Bregman, who  began with an earlier cohort and was finishing with the 2013 cohort. They presented him the rope, an honorary gift woven by alumni that has become a symbol of support. Alumni from the 2011 cohort included Heather Billings, Becky Elias from Seattle, Zack Luby, Eric Merberg, Joel Moyer, Sasha Purpura, Frank Rizzo, David (Sieg) Siegfried, and Maureen Wrinn.

In addition, these alumni from the 2012 cohort came to the presentations from around New England: Kimball Cartwright, Norma Chanis, Rosie Gallant, JC Nierle, and Tory Rosen.

The alumni enjoyed the presentations and had great conversations on sustainability and how they are applying their degrees to their work and lives, said Polly Chandler, chair of the Department of Management.  We got caught up on new positions and there were wonderful conversations about how the alumni want to support recruiting and fundraising for the MBA. All and all, it was a great way to bring alumni back to the sustainability conversation.