Leadership Academy Launched by Antioch University New England

Antioch University New England (AUNE) announces the launch of its , which will offer leadership development certificate programs for both frontline supervisors and managers.

AUNE has partnered with Bruce Mast and Associates, Inc. of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, to launch two of their highly successful programs: Stepping Up To Leadershipâ„¢ and Leadership On The Lineâ„¢.

  • Stepping Up to Leadershipâ„¢ is intended for entry-level managers and employees thinking about becoming managers. The program teaches the foundations of leadership and a team leader’s role in an organization. It comprises five half-day sessions every other week for ten weeks.
  • Leadership on the Lineâ„¢ is for employees recently promoted to a management position and for existing managers who are being groomed for leadership positions. This program develops leaders who can function as both chief operating officers and the human resource specialists. It comprises ten half-day sessions every other week for twenty weeks.

The format of both programs is a small roundtable of professional peers in which individuals work with a facilitator and fellow participants to explore their own workplace opportunities and challenges, their personal approaches to meeting these challenges, and what it will take to transform their organization in a way that improves the bottom line and long-term sustainability.

The AUNE Leadership Academy is unique because it’s based on the idea that individual team leaders can make a difference in their organization, and providing time for skill development and reflection is critical, said Polly Chandler, chair of AUNE’s Department of Management. “The investment required by the supervisor in the program is unique,” Chandler said. “Between classes, participants are required to reflect with their supervisors and other team members on what they are learning and strategically apply the new knowledge to their workplace.”

The first Leadership Academy courses begin June 14. The courses are open to emerging managers and leaders in corporate, government, or nonprofit organizations, and entrepreneurs. The courses can be offered at an organization’s site, and group rates are available.

The cost of Stepping Up to Leadershipâ„¢ is $1,495. The cost of Leadership on the Lineâ„¢ is $2,195 plus $100 for materials. Discounts apply for organizational group enrollment.

For more information about the program or rates, contact Polly Chandler, chair of AUNE’s Department of Management, 603-283-2424, or email la.aune@antioch.edu.

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