Healthy Food Vending Machine Comes to AUNE

Berkshire Natural, a western Massachusetts company, has installed a vending machine in AUNE’s student lounge that offers healthy and sustainable food and snacks around the clock.

Baked potato chips, dried mango, Clif Bars, olives, organic cheese sticks, coconut water, couscous salad, hummus, yogurt, chocolate soy milk, naturally sweetened zero-calorie iced tea and mango Odwalla are some of its products. It also has some items not normally sold in their machines, including Zuzzy’s, a natural cookie dough; organic iced coffee and whole fat yogurt. Berkshire is also open to suggestions for other products you’d like to buy from the machine.

Besides offering healthy choices, Berkshire Natural has implemented important sustainability practices. The company uses locally made products whenever possible, its vending machines are highly efficient, and it delivers its products in fuel-efficient small vans. The vending machines send information about product usage over the Internet to the company so its drivers only come to refill when the vending machine is low.

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