Financial Aid Letter from President Caruso

Antioch New England Students and Prospective Students

David Caruso, President

Availability of Student Loans

I have been so impressed with the amazing students, faculty, and staff at Antioch University New England since assuming the campus presidency eighteen months ago. We are truly a transformational university campus with dynamic and innovative graduate degree programs that address pressing societal needs. Recently, alarmist and inaccurate press accounts have led some people to assume that the availability of student loans and other forms of financial aid is at risk. We know that numerous safeguards are in place and more are being worked out daily to assure that funds for student loans will be there next year and well into the future.

You don’t have to just take our word about the continued availability of financial aid. Dr. Phil Day, president of the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators, recently wrote a memorandum to NASFAA members stating that the possibility of disruptions in federal student loans remains low. Also, the Consumer Bankers Association recently stated that “some banks plan to expand their lending in the upcoming academic year to ensure that students have the funds they need.”

Antioch New England’s powerful master’s and doctoral degree programs prepare individuals for careers that make a difference. Our students, faculty and staff, and over 9,000 alumni are dedicated to a powerful vision of the future for our campus. We fully expect that the financial aid resources needed by our students to pursue their educational and professional dreams will be available for the 2008-2009 academic year.

If you have any questions about financial aid, loans, or lenders, please contact Susan Howard, Director of Financial Aid, at 603-283-2367.