ES Faculty Members and Alumna Featured in Environmental Management

Environmental ManagementAUNE Department of Environmental Studies faculty members and alumna Shawn Margles recently published their work in a special issue of Environmental Management, the highly respected academic journal. The issue, titled “Conservation Without Borders,” was designed around research presented at an earlier AUNE Center for Tropical Ecology and Conservation (CTEC) symposium.

Doctoral program director Beth Kaplin and ES alumna Shawn Margles not only helped to structure the issue, but were among the co-authors of the lead article, “Conservation Without Borders: Building Communication and Action Across Disciplinary Boundaries for Effective Conservation.”

Also featured were AUNE faculty members Jim Gruber and Abigail Abrash Walton. Jim wrote “Key Principles of Community-Based Natural Resource Management: A Synthesis and Interpretation of Identified Effective Approaches for Managing the Commons.” Abi contributed “Conservation Through Different Lenses: Reflection, Responsibility, and the Politics of Participation in Conservation Advocacy.”

“This is an impressive demonstration of the impact our students and faculty have on the wider field of environmental management through our research program and the work of CTEC,” said Steve Chase, Advocacy for Social Justice and Sustainability program director. “Congratulations to all involved. You have done us proud.”

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